Sunday, April 6, 2014

Helping the Local Food Bank

The Rotarians of Juneau had a food drive yesterday to benefit the local food bank.... three locations.... three school busses to fill.  Well, 7,000 plus pounds later.... it's all unloaded and sorted and put away.
Lion Soapy Lingle
Three of us took a couple hours out of our Sunday to help unload the goods.  Thanks to Lions Soapy and Mike N. for their time today.  It's always a fun event regardless of whether it's 600 pounds or 7,000 pounds of food we're helping to sort.  This food doesn't last long though....  any perishables are handed out on Saturday mornings to the community (which consists of about 80 individuals who come to the food bank to fill their cupboards).  The dry goods all go to the local churches and other organizations that will distribute to the needy.
Lions Soapy and Mike N.
Helping out at the Southeast Alaska Food Bank helps so many people... maybe even a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or a co-worker.  This is a good thing.

The next food drive is Saturday, April 19.  Anyone is welcome to join us sort and put food away!  See you then!

We Serve!
Lion Nancy

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