Sunday, March 23, 2014

Blankets Blankets Blankets

You all remember our Lions Packs project....  After reading an editorial in our local newspaper last August about foster care children entering into the "system" with often nothing but the clothes on their back, we immediately took action to rectify this. We now provide a backpack to every child that enters into the Foster Care Program that includes a few items of necessity and comfort to help them through the first 12/24 hours.  Items include toiletries, a book, maybe a baby doll or a truck for small kids.  We also try to provide a soft, comfy blanket.  After all, what gives more comfort than cuddling up in a nice, soft blanket?

Last week Lion Mike Norton and myself delivered another 22 blankets to Office of Children Services.  Kathy was thrilled to get them and said they would take whatever we could give them.  Most of these were "tag" blankets.... two pieces of polar fleece material tied together.  So simple to make that even a child could do!

So... come on Lions.... do you have a special talent for knitting, crocheting, quilting, or tieing knots?  Do you have some spare time now and then?  Would you like to help make blankets?  We can get a group together now and then and each do our own blanket. They can be any size, but mostly a size to cuddle with, to wrap around your shoulders.  

If you'd like to help, let me know!! It doesn't need to take a huge commitment of time, just a desire to help.  I'd appreciate your help.  

We Serve!
Lion Nancy

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