Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Seeing Alaska One Town at a Time

Child Find, Skagway.

Health Fair, Skagway

Elementary school, POW (Prince of Wales).

Health Fair, Gustavus.

Health Fair, Yakutat.


Harborview Elementary School.

Our vision screener has been busy the month of April!  Yep, these are all vision screening sites for the month of April.

I'd like to thank Lion Allen for traveling to Skagway and POW, Lion Tommy for going to Gustavus, Lion Sue B. for screening in Yakutat (and Lion Soapy for taking the vision screener to Yakutat so Lion Sue could screen), and Lions Soapy, Neil, and Mike N. for two days at Harborview Elementary School.

So far we've screened 342 children and adults with 76 referrals.  The vision screener is headed to Angoon today where it will visit for a week.  We've not been in Angoon for a few years so it'll be interesting to see what statistics come from there.  A Public Health Nurse has been trained on our vision screener and will do the screening for us.

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