Sunday, June 30, 2013

In the News

After some frustration, Lion Becky's submission to the Capital City Weekly has finally been published.  Click here for the article.
Local Lion's Club Takes Home Honors
During the Alaska Lions Multiple District Convention held in Fairbanks in April, trophies were awarded to Lion Mike Norton and Lion Becky Allison of the Mendenhall Flying Lion's Club (MFLC) here in Juneau. Lion Becky, MFLC secretary, was named Secretary of the Year for District 49A. And as first year Zone Chair, Lion Mike was awarded top-dog honor of District 49A for being awarded the Lion of the Year trophy for going the extra mile many times over in keeping all four Southeast Lion's Clubs engaged and informed. MFLC came to be on May 23, 1983, and this was a fantastic way to conclude the club's 30th year anniversary

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A New Member

So how difficult do you think this article is going to be for me to write....?

For someone who does not like attention.... be the center of attention.... be recognized.... be honored.... last night brought tears to my eyes.   

But today I am thankful for many things.  For my husband for giving me the time I needed to make the decision to become a Lion.  For Lion Neil for always being supportive of my hair-brain ideas even though I was not a Lion, and for all the incredibly nice things he said last night.  For the MFLC as they're an incredible group of people that have always made me feel welcome even though I wasn't "one of them." 

It's taken me awhile to make the decision to join the MFLC.  I've been sitting in the sidelines, watching... listening....learning.... taking note of the dynamics of the club.  To be perfectly honest, I've been waiting to see if my husband would get tired and drop out, but he hasn't.  His passion has gotten stronger and stronger as each year passes.  This made me look at the club harder and harder, to see what there was about it that got my husband so fired up.  What it did was make me realize this club and the members in it were something special, doing special things, making my town a better place and I decided I wanted to be a part of it. 
This is what you need to know about me.  When I get involved, I will throw myself in 150 percent.  Please don't hold this against me, or anyone who has a passion for what they're doing and believe in.  I will use my strengths to the benefit of the club and learn from my weaknesses.  Hopefully. I hope to come up with ideas the club feels are worthwhile and have merit and will work as hard as I am needed. 

I look forward to becoming a better person, for isn't this what Lionism is all about?  Personal growth?  Stepping out of your box?  Helping others?

Here's what you might not know about me but will give you a better understanding of who I am and why I do what I do.  I gave the State of Alaska (Department of Administration) everything I had for 30 years.  I was one of those dedicated State employees who loved going to work every day.  For eight years I was the Commissioner of Administration's Executive Secretary; taking care of people, sharing information, ensuring tasks got done, being the keeper of all things; an organizer.  For many years I wrote a technology newsletter for the department and others who wanted it.  I was a trainer for computer software programs and department policies.  I created and maintained an internal web page for employees and a web-based newsletter.  I also created multiple policy and SOP manuals. 

This is who I am.  This is what I love to do.  These are my strengths. 

I hope to bring fresh ideas to the club that utilize these strengths and passion I have for doing them.  But I'll be just as happy to pick up trash alongside the road three times a year.  :)

I look forward to learning more about the Lions organization and working with all its awesome members. 

Respectfully submitted.... your newest Lion. 

Awards for 2012-2013

At the end-of-year social last night, some of the fun was the award portion.  Lion President Joey put a lot of thought and consideration into the gifts she selected for each Lion. 

Lion Neil was compared to an elephant... yea, an elephant.... Not because of any physical attributes, but for his memory.  Whenever we need to know something, Lion Neil is the go-to guy.  He has been a member since the Charter of the Club on May 23, 1983, and is the official historian.  Today we're thankful that Neil is our leader and our mentor. 

He received this plush little elephant stuffed animal and a much-deserved Chevron for his 30 years.  Congratulations to Lion Neil!

Lions Chad and Joe hamming it up. 
Lion Allen justly deserved his award for jumping right in and getting involved.  Not only is he personally involved in all the club's activities, but he has his Boy Scout Troop help out whenever there's a need as well.

And anyone looking at this picture below will take a double look, thinking something's just not right.... but not knowing exactly what it is....

But here's the rest of the story!  Our tallest and shortest members of the club! 

Lion Becky got an award for being the outstanding club secretary she is.  What more is there to say?  Her first year was incredible.  It was said that this year things might make more sense.

Lion Joe was President Joey's right-hand man this past year, chairing meetings in her absence, taking the lead whenever she needed it. You need someone you can count on.

Lion Bruce has had more than his share of health challenges over the last few years, but he's never missed a meeting unless he was physically unable.  This is a true Lion.

President Joey was, shall we say, giddy over giving this next award to Lion Mike.  It was for being the Club Treasurer this past year, but what she's really happy about is Lion Mike will be the upcoming President for 2013-2014, and for that, SHE'S thankful!  We look forward to good things from Lion Mike as the incoming President as well as from Lion Joey as one of his worker bees. 
Last, but not least, Lion Mike got Lion of the Year award.  Lion Mike's involvement in the club shouldn't be taken lightly.  He has a passion for what he does and why he does it.  His reason for being a Lion is simple:  To help others and give back to the community.  As members know, they can always count on Lion Mike to be there for them on an individual basis or in a group setting.  

And just when we thought all the award giving was done, Incoming President Lion Mike A. had a presentation for Outgoing President Lion Joey for her hard work and involvement in the club this past year.  What better gift to relieve the stress and strain but a gift card for Rejuvenation Spa!  Yep.... this is one gift card that won't go to waste! 

Being a Lion isn't about receiving an award or the public recognition, but it's a feel good moment to know that other's notice the work you've done.

This club has an incredible group of members.  All with their own strengths, abilities, and passion to get the job done.  They all mesh together, each doing what they do best.  Some members may have more time to spend than others, and that's okay. Everyone has their own strengths and when they volunteer their time and effort to put it to use, not only is the club a winner but the community as well. It all balances out, the work gets done, members can feel proud that they had a part in making Juneau a better place.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

End of Year Social and Installation of New Officers

The Mendenhall Flying Lions is getting ready to say goodbye to their 2012-2013 Lions' year and hello to a new year.  This has been a great year with record fundraising efforts in the barbeque and auction and Night Flights.  Unprecedented amounts were raised.  But it's time to pass the baton and see what the new team has to offer. 

Tonight was the Club's end-of-year party.  Lions Chad and Joey hosted the event while the rest of us just showed up, relaxed, and visited.  What a deal! 

It was also a night of inducting the new officers. Lion Allen is the new Tail Twister.  You can tell by his demeanor that he's going to take his job seriously and bring some fun and order to this group!

Lion Mike is a 2 Year Director.  I'm not certain what that means.... Neil.... but I'll figure it out by the next time we meet.  ;) 

Next Lion Neil inducted himself as Membership Director!  Silly man. In this position he will assist in bringing qualified members into the club. 

Lion Joe is the new Treasurer.  He's taken the training and is biting at the bit to get going!  Aren't ya, Joe?

This is Lion Becky's second year as Secretary.  Her list of duties is the longest! She did a bang up job last year and won the Secretary of the Year award for District 49!!  She's going to be a hard act to follow.... 

Next up was Lion Mike A.  Or Mr. President.  I don't know if he has any idea what he's gotten himself into.... but he'll figure it out soon enough and will be a great President.

Not all the new officers were in attendance.  Lion Bob H. will be the 1 Year Director and Lion Tommy the 1st Vice President. 
Thanks to all who agreed to serve for the 2013-2014 Lion year!  I predict a good year for the Mendenhall Flying Lions!  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Eyeglass Recycle

The World Health Organization estimates more than 157 million people around the world have uncorrected eye conditions that could be corrected with the use of proper eyeglasses.  Yet so many people in low and middle incomes can't afford them. 

The Joint Sight Conservation Committee (JSCC) -- a committee comprised of members from the Juneau Club and the Mendenhall Flying Lions Club -- works hard at doing their part to fill the need. 

In Juneau, there are drop boxes at all eye doctor offices in town where residents can drop off their old and unwanted eye glasses.  JSCC members pick them up and store them in their garage until some point they are ready to ship them off to Aurora Borealis, the eyeglass recycle center in North Pole. Once there, trained volunteers sort, clean, and determine the prescription strength of the glasses.  Then they sit until they are dispensed, for free, to needy children and adults. 

And the cycle begins. 

Your used eyeglasses can help someone see better.

Here's the problem....  My husband has been a Lion for five years and the only reason I know about eyeglass recycling is from him....  I can't say I've ever noticed a drop box, or read any articles in the paper, or seen any posters.  Nothing.  So if they can collect hundreds of eyeglasses a year with NO apparent advertising.... imagine what they could do with a little effort! 

Here's some suggested activities that could generate more public awareness:
  • Display the "Lions Recycle for Sight" poster at collection locations to promote community awareness.
  • Obtain a CBJ proclamation designating a special day as the annual "Recycle for Sight Day."
  • List your collection sights in the Juneau Empire and/or Capital City Weekly. 
  • List your collection sights on Channel 12, the Community Access channel.
  • Collect eyeglasses in coordination with a health fair or other vision screening event.
  • Get schools involved in collecting eyeglasses from home.  Have a contest with the winning class getting a pizza party!
  • Work with the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and other youth groups to collect eyeglasses.
Lions work effortlessly.  There's so much to do with not enough members.  You don't have time to toot your own horn, but some times it's necessary.  Juneau deserves to know all the good things their local Clubs are doing for their community.  One way to do that is to get the word out.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." 
Helen Keller

Source: A Club Guide for Collecting Used Eyeglasses. IAD-403 EN 2/10

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Past and Present Quiz

How much do you know about the Lions organization?  If you're like most members, you probably joined for the activities and  really don't care much about the who, what, where, when, and why of Lions Club International. But take this quiz and see what you know.  You might surprise yourself. 

Lions Facts: Past and Present Quiz

1. What year was the first convention of Lions Clubs International held? 
a) 1912 b) 1917 c) 1922

2. Circle the statistic that comes closest to the current figures of Lions Clubs International.
a) 29,000 clubs with 1,100,000 members in over 130 countries and geographical areas.

b) 39,000 clubs with 1,200,000 members in over 165 countries and geographical areas.

c) 44,000 clubs with 1,300,000 members in over 195 countries and geographical areas. 

3. The LION magazine, which first appeared in 1918, is now printed in how many languages?
a) 11 b) 15 c) 22

4. A Lion may transfer to any club in the world providing the new club accepts him or her.    
a) True b) False

5. Since a club follows the principles of the association and the international constitution, it may not adopt its own club constitution to suit its particular requirements.
a) True b) False

6. What is the major international service commitment of Lions? 
a) Sight First b) Youth Exchange c) Lions-Quest

7. A majority of districts are composed of a minimum of 35 clubs with a total of 1,250 members.
a) True b) False 

8. In which country was the first club formed outside of the United States?
a) Mexico b) Canada c) England 

9. In which country was the first club formed outside of North America?
a) China b) England c) Brazil

10. A multiple district is
a) An unusually large district. 
b) A district, which extends into several states or countries. 
c) Made up of two or more sub-districts 

11. Funds raised from the general public at a fund-raising activity can be used to fund a club member to the international convention.
a) True b) False

12. In what year did the international constitution eliminate the word “male” as a condition for membership, encouraging women to become Lions? 
a) 1967 b) 1978 c) 1987 

13. The basic concept of a Leo club is: 
a) To develop youth as responsible citizens of both community and the world.
b) To support Lions clubs projects.
c) To provide a social and recreational outlet for youth. 

14. The association’s headquarters is located in ____________.

15. The official colors of Lions clubs international are ___ and  ____.

16. Symbolically the two lions on our emblem face both_________.

17. Fill in the missing word from our slogan: “Liberty, ________, Our Nation’s Safety.”

18. The association’s motto is _____________.

1b   2c   3c   4a   5b   6a   7a   8b   9b   10c   11b   12c   13a   14 Oak Brook, Illinois USA   15 gold and purple   16 past and future   17 intelligence   18 “We Serve”

I missed 3....  How did you do? 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Art of Recognition Part II: The Gift

So you've given it some thought... you've wondered if you remembered to say "thank you" to that fellow Lion that helped you immensely with a problem or really chipped in on that recent project.... Now what? 

Here's some ways you can informally recognize someone:
  • Take them out for a cup of coffee, lunch, or for pie and ice cream.
  • Reward them with a ballpoint pen with Lions logo from LCI.
  • Go to LCI Supplies and order some small items to keep on hand for special occasions.
  • If you know your person likes coffee, give a coffee card.
  • Similarly, if you know they like sweets, take them a plate of homemade cookies.   
  • Recognize someone with a book on their favorite subject and personalize with a handwritten note.
  • Recognize a budding leader with a flashlight as a symbol of leading or showing the way to others.  
As you can see, recognizing others is really very simple.  It doesn't take much effort but can mean a lot to the person receiving the gift.  And if this is still too much effort, a simple "thank you" will often suffice.  But be specific in what you're thanking them for; don't generalize. 

Now that you're getting the hang of recognizing others, don't forget birthdays and years of service in the Club.  These dates also deserve some kind of recognition--a plate of cookies or a vegetable plate if they don't eat sweets. Again, know the person you're acknowledging. 

If you prefer something on the lighter side, here's a fun idea.  Create a "pass along" award.  It can be anything you want--a small trophy, a stuffed animal, a humorous item that has special meaning to your club or committee.  Award it to the person you want to recognize and encourage them to pass it along to another Lion at the next meeting.  This also gets everyone into the frame of mind of recognizing those little things that Lions do every day.

Maybe giving out awards isn't your style... so leave it up to the recipient to pick the reward they want.  Find a box to use as a Treasure Chest and take it to your meetings.  Fill it with a variety of items like caps, coffee mugs, movie tickets, coffee cards, or fun things.  When a Lion deserves a kudo, let them reach into the chest and pick out what they want.

Don't forget those who are "constant performers" and those who have served many years.  Most likely they have all the plaques they need, so think outside the box and be creative in your gift to them.  

Being creative is always a good thing.  LCI has a lot of good ideas, but they may not work for everyone.  Neither does giving the same award over and over.  What might work for someone, may not work for the next person.  Know your subject.

And, remember, when you're personally telling someone "thank you," know what you're thanking them for!  Be specific about what you noticed, don't generalize. 

Good luck!  Have fun!  And remember to memorialize the moment with a camera! 

(Excerpts taken from The Art of Recognition by Lions Club International)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Art of Recognition

Recognition:  acknowledgement with a show of appreciation.

Sounds simple, doesn't?  But when was the last time YOU were appreciated for something?  Similarly, when was the last time YOU appreciated something someone else did? 

It seems like such a small thing... appreciation... but how often do we let something pass us by without any recognition?  How often do we think to thank our spouse or our children for something they've done?  Or a co-worker?  Similarly, a fellow Lion?

Recognition doesn't have to be anything fancy.  It can be as simple as a smile and a thank you.  Acknowledgement.  It can be done publicly, in front of peers.  Acknowledgement. 
Lions are selfless people.  They work hard for the good of their community without any thought of "what am I going to get out of it."  You all know that getting the job done, seeing results, helping someone is reward enough.  But isn't it the frosting on the cake when someone actually recognizes all your hard work--especially in front of your peers--and says, "thank you"?

The end of the Lions calendar year is almost upon us and if you haven't already thanked your fellow Lions and other non-Lion groups for their help throughout the year, now would be a good time to start putting something together. 

What do you look for when recognizing someone?  First, remember that it isn't always the BIG projects, the high-profile projects that deserve the recognition.  A small task might be a big thing to the person doing it.  Make your recognition sincere otherwise the person will know they didn't earn the reward. 

People repeat behavior that's rewarded, avoid behavior that's punished, and drop or forget behavior that produces neither result."
Effective Behavior in Organizations
A.R. Cohen, S.L. Fink, H. Gadon, R.D. Willis
Recognition can be any act of appreciation that lets people know that you notice their efforts.  This simple acknowledgement increases the likelihood that they will remain motivated to continue their efforts.
BUT, know your subject.... not everyone likes public attention and might prefer a simple "thank you" note instead.  So know your subject, get to know them as you're working on a project together.  Also, remember to keep your recognition proportionate to the action being recognized. 
(Excerpts taken from "The Art of Recognition" by Lions Clubs International)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Juneau Club Inducts New Officers

Yesterday was a big day for the Juneau Club.  Induction of new officers... recognition of members.... as well as being the last meeting for the summer. 

Lion President Steve did a fantastic job recognizing members who have shown dedication, determination, and compassion over the last couple years.  He admitted he hasn't been very good about recognizing his members, but did a bang up job yesterday.  Everyone had to leave the meeting pumped up and ready to do more!

Life membership to the 49A Foundation was presented to several Lions:  Geny, Edward, Louise, and a few others that weren't in attendance.  Lion Janet received a Progressive Membership award at the Silver level. 

It was Lion Alyce Houston's birthday... last meeting... AND retirement party.... She received a nice trophy with a goldpanner on it.  Everyone had a good laugh that she would be taking a man with her to Prescott, Arizona, where she will make her new home.  She was also presented with a certificate at the Gold Level in 49A Foundation. She also  received an award for her years of dedicated service. 

And the recognition continued. 

Lion Rebecca received the book, Gumboot Determination, selected not for the content of the book, I don't think, but that she has that insatiable determination to learn and do and be the special Lion she is.

Lion Nicole is a new member and probably the youngest.  She received an award for most inspirational.  She came on board running, helping, and doing wherever and whenever needed. 

Lion Louise received Lion of the Year for obvious reasons.  She has been President Steve's right hand gal and a true Lion as 2nd Vice President.

Lion Edward received the President's Award and Lion Ted received a prestigious plaque for his dedication and commitment to Lions everywhere. 

Last but not least, Lion Mike, Zone Chair, received a Gold Medal medallion for his dedication and work as Zone Chair.

The Club then presented Lion Steve with a Melvin Jones fellowship for his outstanding leadership.  And Zone Chair Mike also presented Lion Steve B. and Lion Ted B. with a nice pen with the Lion's logo on it for all the help and mentoring he has received from them throughout the year. 

Lion Alyce talked about a special senior man she met through Gold Medal and how she has become his friend and visits him frequently at Wildflower Court (or was it Fireweed Place?), taking him to Gold Medal games and other places.  She challenged the Club to not let this man fall through the cracks.  He told her one day that it was "the best day ever!" and she asked the Club to not make this the only "best day ever" this man experiences.  Lion Nicole said she has already visited with this man and will continue to take him chicken nuggets! 

It was a fun and eventful meeting and I probably left some awards and recognition out.  For that I apologize.  However, Lion Alyce's story about the gentleman and his comment, "Best Day Ever" sticks with me for many reasons.... how many seniors in our town are forgotten?  Who don't have any family? Spend holidays alone?  They put in their time and now what?  How much effort does it REALLY take to "make someone's day"?  I may not be a Lion yet, but I, too, would like to challenge other Clubs to find a senior they can befriend and take them into their hearts and family.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's Not Over Until It's Over

Past experience shows that when it gets close to the end of the Lion's Fiscal Year, Clubs tend to gear down....  They're not as busy with projects, activities, or fundraisers.  Recruitment of new members may stop.  Terms are coming to an end and officers might feel their job is done. 

But it's not over until it's over!  There's still work to do, people to help, causes to contribute.  Lions should never put off until tomorrow... what they can do today.  Because tomorrow will bring a whole new set of causes, requests, and people needing our help. 

The Lions Fiscal Year goes from July 1 through June 30 of each year.  New officers come on board July 1.  June is a good time to start cleaning out files and purging information that should be kept with the permanent Club folders in the storage unit. 

Secretary's should remember that they are the keeper of Club information, minutes, and the like and they need to be kept and filed with previous years. 

This is also a good time to start training the new officers, pass the torch, give them all the help you can so they can start off July 1 armed with the knowledge they need to do their job effectively, efficiently, and with ease. 

New Officers:  Don't be afraid to reach out to other officers or senior members for training and help.  If you have a question, ask someone. There's several seasoned members in the Club that will be more than happy to help you get on your feet. 

Good luck!  And remember.... don't be afraid to ask for help!