Friday, May 22, 2015

Heavy Equipment Day

Recently the Mendenhall Flying Lions partnered with Juneau Downtown Rotary to bring some BIG fun to local children. Heavy Equipment Day took place on Sunday, May 3, at Grant's Plaza/Western Auto.

What exactly IS Heavy Equipment Day?

It's when you  get all kinds of big, heavy construction equipment and emergency vehicles together in one place and let children climb on, around, and into them!

This was a fun event for all ages, even Lions!

Families could buy three rides for $5.00.  And what child wouldn't want to ride in a dump truck, cement truck, or some other "big rig"?

There was also "static" equipment that they could view only.

They had a toddler area where there was a little truck that was just big enough to sit in.  They had hand-digging devices and plenty of dirt to play in.

And it was sunny!  

Lion Neil Atkinson said, "We're just providing man power, being there to make sure there's safety, putting everything up, helping the Rotary set things up, and making sure that kids get safely back and forth to the rides. It's benefiting the community. We're not really doing this as a benefit. The small charge we're having for the rides is just going to pay towards putting on the project. This is a community service from both clubs."

In the end, about $2,000 was raised with an estimated 400 participants which was approximately 1,200 rides!

A HUGE thanks to Grants Plaza, Tyler Rental, the National Guard, Bob's Cats who all donated or loaned equipment for this event.  #LIONS100

We Serve!
Lion Nancy