Monday, April 14, 2014

It Was a Beautiful Day to Save a Life

Okay, so we didn't really have to save a life... at least not today.  And the hardest part of this three hour class on a sunny Saturday was that it was sunny and we were inside playing hurt and dead victims!

Saturday's CERT lesson was the medical side of a disaster.  Triage.  We learned that in an emergency situation, we have about five seconds to assess a person before moving on to the next.  Five seconds.  Five seconds to determine if a life is worth saving or not.
Our instructor Mike Lopez and Lion Mike Norton
Lion Mike N. demonstrated a classic broken arm and we learned how to secure one in place.

We learned the three "killers" of an accident--breathing obstruction, excessive bleeding, and shock and how to identify and treat each one.
I'm glad that in the case of a natural disaster we will be working in teams of two to four.  One will be taking notes.  I think that one will be me!

These classes are designed to help in the case of a natural disaster or act of terrorism.  Our training isn't over with these classes but we will attend monthly meetings and participate in future training courses if we so desire.  I have to say that going through these classes is making me more confident to react in any kind of incident.  And that's a good thing.

We Serve!
Lion Nancy

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