Monday, April 28, 2014

Zone Chair of the Year

Last year it was Lion of the Year for MD49A.... At Convention this weekend, Lion Mike N. received another honor -- Zone Chair of the Year for 2013-2014!
District Governor Lewis Quinn and Lion Mike Norton
As zone chair, Lion Mike oversees the four Lions Clubs in Southeast Alaska:  The Ketchikan Club, the Wrangell Club, the Juneau Club, and our own Mendenhall Flying Lions.

Some of the responsibilities of a zone chair are:

  • to monitor the health and status of clubs in the zone (Zone 7)
  • attend meetings of each club in his zone at least once a year and provide a summary of these visits to the district cabinet 
  • be aware of the activities of all clubs in his zone
  • suggest and implement methods to assist clubs within his zone that might be experiencing problems
  • facilitate the exchange of ideas about programs, projects, activities and fundraising methods among clubs
  • promote district and international programs to clubs
  • ensure that every club in the zone follows its constitution and bylaws
  • encourage clubs to attend district and international conventions
  • attend all scheduled meetings of the district 

The zone chair also chairs the District Governor's Advisory Committee for Zone 7 of which the club president, club secretary and club membership chair are members.  This committee advises the zone chair about matters within the zone and the zone chair then shares with the district cabinet.  This committee meets at least three times a year.  

Lion Mike says "being zone chair is challenging in Southeast because of the distance between clubs, but I've met really nice people who are dedicated Lions and I enjoy working with them."  

Besides this nice plaque, Lion Mike gets to enjoy a trophy for the next year.

Lion Mike has again been chosen as Zone Chair for Zone 7 for the next year, 2014-2015.  As you can see, this "job" is responsible for sharing information to clubs and the district.  So next time you get one of those pesty emails that clogs your inbox, appreciate that he's just trying to do his job.

Congratulations, Lion Mike!  You're doing a great job!

We Serve!
Lion Nancy

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