Sunday, July 31, 2016

PET Mobility Project

Lions Recycle Household Inkjet Printer Cartridges

The Juneau Mendenhall Flying Lions have gone global with serving the needy.  Our latest project collects personal/household inkjet printer cartridges to be recycled.  Not only is this keeping toner cartridges out of the landfill, but funds raised help provide a sturdy, hand-cranked cart for children and adults who lack mobility. 

Personal Energy Transportation (PET) is a global charity addressing the needs of those who are unable to walk due to disability, impairment, or injury.  Through the generous recycling efforts of Empties4Cash, Alaskan Lions and Leos have collected over 16,000 cartridges since 2009, enough cartridges to provide 15 individuals with a mobility cart.  Lions are proud to be a major partner for this humanitarian cause, along with both Protestant and Catholic congregations. 

The PET mobility cart is a sturdy, three-wheeled vehicle propelled by hand-crank or pull handle which can be operated by a man, woman, or child who is mobility impaired.  The PET enables an improved quality of life at work, school, and home.  It allows a father to work again and provide for his family; a child has the opportunity to attend school and receive an education; beneficiaries can go to church and social gatherings.  These mobility carts are distributed on need, at no cost to the recipient. 

Lions have drop boxes at St. Paul’s Church and Shepherd of the Valley Church, at this time, where household toner cartridges can be deposited.  Look for the GREEN BOX!  We are working on other locations as well and will notify everyone when that happens.  We only take HP, Cannon, Lexmark, Dell, and Sharp ink cartridges. 

How can you help?  Deposit your used ink jet cartridges into one of these drop boxes; have a collection drive at your office place, church, or school; ask your family and friends to save their household toner cartridges; mention our community service on Facebook and other social media; or save them until we have a community-wide collection drive in the Fall.  For more options, contact us at  Protecting Our Environment  #Lions100

We Serve!
Lion Nancy Norton

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Box Tops for Education

Their Story:
It started in California in 1996.  General Mills wanted to create a program to help support education and benefit America’s schools.  Box Tops for Education was born.  Companies that participate are General Mills, Pillsbury, and others.  By 2004, over 82,000 schools across the nation were clipping Box Tops to earn cash to buy things they needed like books, computers, playground equipment and more.  You can now clip Box Tops from Ziploc, Hefty, Kleenex, and Scott products too.  Today, America’s schools have earned over $719 MILLION to help their schools!  

How we can help:
Before recycling your packaging, check for the little rectangular box (shown above) with - - - - - - - around it which indicates that you cut it out.  It’s usually found on the top or front of the packaging.  Stick them in a baggie and bring them to Club meetings for the project chair.  Our committee team is Lion Nancy Norton (chair) and Lion Susan Albury.    

It’s really easy to do and can help our schools immensely. 

Other ways we can collect:

  • Ask our family and friends to save them for us.
  •  Advertise on Facebook that you’re collecting them.
  • Ask your place of business to put a drop box for employees to donate them.
  • Advertise on your office bulletin board that you’re collecting them. 
TIP:  When you return home from grocery shopping, look your items over at that time and clip them so you don't forget! 

TIP:  Costco boxes of freezer bags often will give you two box tops per box! 

One thing to watch for is they DO have an expiration date and once they've expired, won't do us any good.  So it's important that you turn them in on a regular basis so the school can benefit.   The committee will be making a determination on which school to support in the very near future!  

We are supporting our youth with this project, Engaging Our Youth, #Lions100.

If you want to contribute to our project, please contact me at Thank you for your consideration!

We Serve!

Lion Nancy Norton

And We're Off!

Even though it might seem our club is not doing much this time of year, we have several projects we're working on behind the scene:

  1. Gravemarkers for our Veterans.  
  2. Flag boxes to dispose of unserviceable flags. 
  3. BoxTops for Children.
  4. PET Mobility Project.
  5. Fundraiser with Boy Scout Troop 247.
  6. Golden North Salmon Derby.
  7. Eyeglass Recycle.
  8. USS Juneau Memorial Site Flowers.
  9. Vision Screening for Children.
  10. Lions Packs.  
Several of these are new projects with details still being worked out; some projects we're partnering with the VFW/American Legion; and others we're behind the scenes.  

Serving our community is a never ending endeavor.  One we enjoy doing and are continually looking for ways to help even more.  

If you know of any needs in our community that need to be addressed, please contact us at

Thank you!

We Serve
Lion Nancy Norton

Friday, July 15, 2016

From the International President

Dear Lions of the World,

Paris, France; Brussels, Belgium; Orlando, Florida, USA; Dallas, Texas, USA; Istanbul, Turkey; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Nice, France; racial tension in many parts of the world.

Why is it happening? When will it stop? How much is enough? These are questions all of us are asking ourselves, and no one is providing any answers.
As the global leader in humanitarian service, a central focus is on providing for those less fortunate through a variety of service programs at the international and local level. Over the past two years, as part of our centennial service challenge, we have served 100 million people around the world. We are proud of our selfless service to others.

But as much as service is our focus, it doesn’t completely define who we are and what we stand for in the world community. One need only review excerpts from Lions Clubs International Purposes to gain a true understanding of our focus beyond service:
• To Create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world.
• To Promote the principles of good government and good citizenship.

In my inaugural address delivered June 28 in Fukuoka, Japan, I spoke the following words:  “As we look at our future, there is another new large mountain which is arising for our world to conquer, and Lions International is the one to help the world climb this new mountain – and that is international relations. The Lions of the world are one family, focused on the goal of providing for others, and creating peace and understanding among the people of the world. We must strive to leave a legacy of world peace, world health, world safety, and world happiness.”

In February 1945, Lions’ founder Melvin Jones gathered with leaders of other national groups to meet with Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr., and Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affiars, Archibald MacLeish, to discuss forming a United Nations. In April of that year Lions headquarters asked clubs to hold a United Nations week to show support for the initiative.

In that spirit, and as we approach our 100th year of humanitarian service, I ask Lions around the world to hold a day of reflection during the week of July 25th. Set aside this day to reflect on how your club can work with local community leaders to nurture peace, lessen violence that has affected so many of our communities, and foster understanding among all peoples.

As we pause to reflect, please keep the victims and families of the recent tragedy in Nice, France in your thoughts and prayers

Let us be the example of how people of different races, cultures, religions and diverse backgrounds can come together for a common cause.

Chancellor Bob Corlew

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July Activity

Another 4th come and gone!

Here we are, the Juneau Mendenhall Flying Lions setting up our canopy in the wee hours of this beautiful morning!

Our booth is set up in the parade staging area and we offer hot coffee and pastries as they wait for the parade to start. 

Local bakeries, like Super Bear and another major bakery that doesn't want to be recognized... donate their day-old pastries for our event.  We take them home and wrap in seran wrap to protect from the weather.  Heritage Coffee donates all our coffee, cups, sugar, creamer, etc.

In years past, we would sell these items for $1.00 each and generally would make $300 in proceeds. It's not a big fundraiser by any means, but was more the service to those men and women who show up at 6:00 a.m. to get ready for the parade.
Lion Becky Allison assisting a customer
We sponsor Boy Scout Troop 247 and this year we decided not to sell our goods, but accept donations only and all proceeds would go towards Troop 247.

The Boy Scouts are always there helping us peddle our wares, working the crowd, and it only seemed the right thing to do.  

It seemed slow this year but we still made $417 to hand over to the Troop!
Lion Mukhya Khalsa with three scouts:  Patrick, Eli, and Cole
It was a sunny day (intermittent) and we were out of there by 10:45 a.m., just before the parade participants started to line up! 
Lions Mukhya Khalsa, Nancy Norton, Mike Norton, Hari Dev Khalsa and Scout leader Bob Mitchell
And over in Douglas, a couple of our Lions were needed to help with a food booth for Helping Hands.
Lions Mukhya and Hari Dev Khalsa
We Serve was covered today!  Lion Donna was on the Parade Committee and helping with that, but made an appearance at our booth from time-to-time.  Lion Tom Dawson participated in the VFW float and also found time to help at our booth.  Not to mention Lion Mal Linthwaite who now resides in Arizona but came to see what we were up to!
Lion Tom Dawson (taken by Juneau Empire)
I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th!  Next year is our Centennial.... I wonder what our President Lion Donna Hurley has in store for us at next year's 4th....

This is a Lions Centennial Engaging our Youth project.  #Lions100

We Serve!
Lion Nancy Norton

Friday, July 1, 2016

Incoming Board of Directors

Welcome to the 2016-2017 Lion Year!

The Mendenhall Flying Lions has an awesome new Board of Directors coming on board!  We thank you for stepping into a leadership position and for your continued service to our community.

President:  Lion Donna Hurley
Vice President:  Lion Soapy Lingle
Secretary:  Lion Nancy Norton
Treasurer:  Lion Bob Hurley
Membership Chair:  Lion Becky Allison
Tailtwister:  Lion Tom Dawson
1 Year Director:  Lion Susan Albury
2 Year Director:  Lion Mukhya Khalsa
Immediate Past President:  Lion Mike Norton

We can look forward to good things happening this year!

We Serve!
Lion Nancy Norton