Monday, February 15, 2016

USS Juneau: The Finale

When Lion Donna Hurley started this journey many years ago.... this journey being the USS Juneau.... I suspect she didn't have any idea where it was going to take her.... This project was like a starfish with so many different legs.  It just kept growing.

First there was the USS Juneau Remembrance Ceremony in November.  It was a blustery day when we gave respect to the USS Juneau on the docks of Juneau.  LCDR Richard Halbig was there and you can read his memory of the day the USS Juneau was torpedoed and sunk HERE.

The Empire wrote the first article, USS Juneau Returns Home.  From there, the story has gone global. Google USS Juneau and see what you find.

We started advertising the Unveiling Ceremony on February 8.

Captain Eugene Bailey and his wife, Juanita, arrived in town on February 11 to join in the festivities. Captain Bailey was Captain of the third USS Juneau in 1986 .  He was in Juneau in 1987 when the USS Juneau Memorial was dedicated.

Then there was the social at the Buoy Deck for active military and veterans.  We were honored to have International Director Lewis Quinn in attendance where he addressed the military as did Captain Bailey.  It was a great evening of remembering and making new friends.

Then the Unveiling of the Presentation Silver.  First was a private reception for legislators, city assembly, and other dignitaries.  Parents brought their children as this was a piece of history.  Representative Gruenberg talked about his involvement in 1987 when we had the first USS Juneau Memorial service.  More memories.  More remembering that awful day on November 13, 1942.

And, last, but I suspect not least, was the reception we held for the public on Valentines Day, February 14.

The Story has been told.  The Presentation Silver has been shown.  Juneau has a big piece of its history back home.  #Lions100 Legacy Project

We Serve!
Lion Nancy Norton

Saturday, February 13, 2016

USS Juneau: Private Reception

Last night was the unveiling of the Presentation Silver and what an event it was!  Thank you, again, to International Director Lewis Quinn for speaking at this event about Lions, who we are, and what we do.  THIS is what we do.  We make a difference.
This night was important in more ways than one.  Not only did the USS Juneau Presentation Silver make it back home, but it brought people together who have a connection with the USS Juneau and this was a night of remembering.  Good memories.  Bad memories.  Unforgotten memories of a lifetime ago.

There's so many to thank for making this event possible.  We greatly appreciate that Captain Eugene Bailey and his wife, Juanita, took time to help us celebrate this historical event.

We Serve!
Nancy Norton
Legacy Projec

Friday, February 12, 2016

International Director Lewis Quinn and Captain Bailey's Visit

We had the honor of entertaining International Director Lewis Quinn during his visit to Juneau to attend the festivities leading up to the Unveiling Ceremony of the USS Juneau Presentation Silver.
International Director Lewis Quinn speaking with Captain Eugene Bailey and Lion Mike Norton
Last night's social took place at the Buoy Deck in the Coast Guard Station.  Veterans and Active Duty were invited from all branches of the military along with staff from the Juneau-Douglas City Museum, and Lions.

Captain Eugene Bailey was our special guest, with his wife, Juanita, who flew to Juneau solely for the unveiling of the Presentation Silver. Captain Bailey was the first Captain to bring the third USS  Juneau named for our city to its namesake port.
Captain Eugene Bailey and Juanita Bailey
This celebration respected and honored the 697 sailors and crew that perished at the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942 when a Japanese torpedo hit the USS Juneau CL-52 and sunk it.  Ten survived for eight days in shark-infested waters before being rescued.
Lion Tom Dawson (in the center)
Randy Wanamaker and Juanita Bailey
Lion Becky Allison with WWII survivors, Commander Steve Sztuk
and Past President of Douglas Lions George Roberts
Lion Mike Norton, former Lion George Roberts, and Captain Eugene Bailey
Faith Guthert and Lion Donna Hurley.  Faith worked on the original Memorial in 1986.
Lions Bob Hurley, Ted Quinn, ID Lewis Quinn and Captain Bailey

Lions Ben Hotch and Ted Burke from the Juneau Lions Club

Lion Donna Hurley, Captain Eugene Bailey (back to us), McHugh Pierre,
Goldbelt Inc., Tim Armstrong, PP Commander, Order of the Purple Heart, MC in 1986, Commander Dick Hand, Juanita Bailey (back to camera).  

Lions Donna and Bob Hurley and Chevelle Hogan
Captain Bailey recognized and honored every branch of the military for their service and I'm sure the veterans appreciated the recognition for their service.

Lion Susan Albury and her children
International Director Lewis Quinn speaking to the veterans.
International Director Lewis Quinn

Lions Rena Sims, Mike Norton, ID Lewis Quinn, and Bruce Wing
Lion Lenny Sims and Juanita Bailey
Lion Donna Hurley has been eating, breathing, and sleeping USS Juneau for years now and most recently the last year as she pulled the coming event to a head.  Yet, she still had time to create a keepsake that represented the three USS Juneau ships.
ID Lewis Quinn, Lions Donna Hurley and Tom Dawson
Lions Donna Hurley and Tom Dawson with their "visual" story:   The long string of pearls represents the 697 officers and crew that died when the USS Juneau was torpedoed and sunk; the shorter string represents the ones left adrift in shark-infested waters for eight days before being rescued; and the shortest string of pearls representing the ten who were rescued.  
The longest string 532 men who died onboard, second string 165 men blown off ship into water,
 and 3rd string of 14, 4 who lived by transfer and 10 who survived 8 days in water.  

International Director Lion Lewis Quinn and Lion Donna Hurley.
ID Lewis received a dome that holds 3 pearls, one for each ship named for Juneau
with an angel's wing to remind us that we are the guardians of their memories.  
 #100Lions Legacy Project

We Serve!
Lion Nancy Norton