Monday, April 7, 2014

Four Years of Service

Two of our Lions are celebrating four years of Lionism today....  Any guesses?

They're married, but they weren't married at the time....
He's in construction....
She owns our favorite card store in Juneau....
They are strong volunteers....

If you said Joe and Marilyn Molburg, you're right!  Today marks four years that they made the decision to join the Mendenhall Flying Lions.  Their sponsor is Lion Neil A.
Lions Joe and Marilyn being inducted by Lion Neil.
Lions Joe and Marilyn are great volunteers who love helping at the barbecue and auction every year, selling holly, helping at the 4th of July concessions booth, picking up trash along the roadway, etc., etc., etc.
Lions Joe, Tommy, and Marilyn
Lion Joe has been our Vice President, is our current Treasurer, and will be our 1 Year Director for 2014-15.

We love that Lions Joe and Marilyn love to volunteer and look forward to their participation for many more years to come!  Thank you for your service!  

We Serve!
Lion Nancy

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