Monday, June 27, 2016

Another Year Come and Gone

The Juneau Mendenhall Flying Lions is a small club by most standards.  We have 22 members but broken down, 4 members live out of town/state and 3 members are inactive which leave 15 active members.  Of those active members, 8 members work and 7 members are retired.

So what can a club of 15 active members do in a year's time?  Let me show you:

  • We had a 4th of July booth at the parade staging area where we offered hot coffee and pastries to participants while they waited for the parade to start.  We made $364.  
  • Picked up trash on the road that takes you to the Mendenhall Glacier.
  • Assisted Helping Hands prepare for a fundraiser.  
  • Donated $100 to the Center for the Blind.
  • Our meeting place closed (The Broiler) and we had to relocate.
  • We had our second litter pick up in September.
  • Vision Screening efforts took place at Glacier Baptist  Academy, Floyd Dryden Middle School, Riverbend Elementary, and Angoon Schools.
  • Celebrated 50 years of Lionism and Serving our Community with Lion Bruce Wing.  
  • Participated in the Recycle for Sight Community Drive where we asked the community to donate their used eyeglasses; 245 pair of eyeglasses were donated.  
  • Donated $5,000 to Family Promise.
  • Collected and shipped 1,460 pair of eyeglasses to the Aurora Borealis Recycle Center at the North Pole.
  • Vision screening efforts took place at:  Gustavus, Headstart, Gastineau Elementary, Early Learning Fair for Babies and Infants, Harborview Elementary, Montessori, and Wrangell schools.
  • Annual Barbecue at McGivneys where we raised $3,060 for the Alaska Diabetes Association.  
  • Donated $250 to the Bethel Winterhouse after the fire.
  • Braved the weather to honor and remember the sailors of the USS Juneau at the USS Juneau Remembrance Ceremony.
  • Participated in the Radio Center Annual Food Drive.  Collected food, went to jail, unloaded the buses, and stocked food at the Food Bank.
  • Vision screening efforts took place in Sitka.  
  • Delivered 20 pair of men’s wool socks, 12 pair women’s, and 4 nice ski gloves to Front Street Clinic for the homesless.  
  • Donated $500 to Ronald McDonald House
  • Donated $500 to Camp K, a camp for children with Type 1 Diabetes.  
  • Donated $500 to Shop With A Cop
  • Had a Christmas social where members brought toys to give to the needy.  
  • Delivered collected toys to St. Vincents.
  • Inducted three new members.
  • Donated $300 to St. Vincents
  • Donated $300 to the AWARE Center 
  • Rang the Salvation Army Bell
  • Donated $500 to Salvation Army
  • Annual Light Flights fundraiser.  Raised $10,795.  Coastal Helicopter pilots and staff donate their time for this event as well as fuel is donated.  Coastal donated $5,397 to the Children's Tumor Foundation and $5,397 went into Lions projects.
  • Served lunch at the Glory Hole, a homeless shelter. 
  • USS Juneau Social at Buoy Deck for Military and Veterans
  • USS Juneau Reception for Legislators and other dignitaries
  • USS Juneau Reception open to the public
  • Vision Screening Efforts:  Legislative Affairs Health Fair
  • Provided New Member Orientation to three new members and their sponsor.  
  • Inducted a new member, Lion Bob Nielsen
  • Vision Screening Efforts:  Gold Medal, Raven Home School, Faith Community Church.
  • Donated $250 to Shepherd of the Valley Church food pantry
  • Donated $176 to Leader Dog
  • Donated $3,100 to Alaska Diabetes Association
  • Litter Pick Up
  • Vision Screening Efforts:  Juneau Community Church, Cordova schools, Anchorage Kids Day, Early Learning Fair, Skagway Child Find, Skagway Health Fair
  • Had a Social
  • Hosted 2nd Vice District Governor Jeannine Morse's club visit
  • Donated $100 to the Newtok Water Project 
  • Donated $250 to the Harborview Extended Summer Program 
  • Delivered donated sport-cut fish to the local food banks and pantries.  This is fish that was caught, processed, but never picked up. 
    • Helped Swampy Acres at their annual Family Farm Day
    • Offered a Scholarship of $500 for Elias Antaya
    • Had our first annual Meet and Greet, a recruitment effort to get new members.
    • Donated $100 for Beep Baseball in Anchorage.
    • Delivered more fish fish fish to Shepherd of the Valley, Glory Hole, Helping Hands, and Southeast Alaska Food Bank
    • Set up a table at the Nugget Mall to share what we do
    • Assisted Shepherd of the Valley Church with their annual Block Party.  We provide a bicycle obstacle course and talk about bicycle safety.  
    • Assist Helping Hands with their weekly food distribution
    • Placed flowers at the USS Juneau Memorial to honor the other two USS Juneau ships.  
    • Delivered more fish fish fish to Shepherd of the Valley, Glory Hole, Helping Hands, and Southeast Alaska Food Bank.  Total fish and wild game delivered, approximately 1,500 pounds!!!!
    • Planted a Crimsom King Maple at the American Legion Post.  Tree was donated by Glacier Gardens.  
    • End of year social and induction of new officers.  
    Joint Sight Committee (September to present):  Approved 10 applications for financial assistance
    for a total of $3,201 

    TOTAL DONATIONS for 2015-2016:  $15,627

                Screened 1,891 children
                Referred 280
                At 20 locations

    This is what an active club looks like!  Alone, we can do a little, but with a little help from everyone, we can accomplish great things!  

    We Serve!
    Lion Nancy Norton

    Monday, June 13, 2016

    A Crimson King for the VFW

    Gardening is good for what ails you.  Dirt under the fingernails.  A sore back.  It's all good.

    Today a few of us gathered for some laughs, a good time, and planted a tree at the local VFW/American Legion Post while at it!  

    Glacier Gardens donated this exceptional 8' Crimson King Maple tree so we could honor our veterans.  
    Lion Donna Hurley spearheaded this project along with Lion Tom Dawson who's a member of the Post.

    This is a Centennial Legacy Project, Level 1!  #Lions100

    We Serve!
    Lion Nancy Norton

    MFLC Lion of the Year!

    One of the hardest jobs of the President of our club is to recognize one person over another.  Our Club is filled with good Lions!  Members who give as much as they have to give!  And when you take all those efforts and tally them up, a lot has been accomplished.
    But this year, when all the tallies were tallied and the results added up, one Lion stood out above the others.  This is not to diminish all the hard work other Lions gave to our club, unconditionally, tired, and worn out.  But there can only be one Lion of the Year.  

    I think we took Lion Donna Hurley by surprise when Lion President Mike Norton announced, "and the Lion of the year is..... Lion Donna!"   
    But it was justly deserved.  Lion Donna didn't work hard this year. She worked extra hard.  She gave it her all.  And then some.
    On the chance that you're wondering what a Lion needs to do to qualify for Lion of the Year, here's just some of her contribution:
    • Held the Vice President position and ran two or three meetings in the President's absence.
    • She chaired a lunch at the Glory Hole, a place where the homeless and hungry can eat.
    • She brought back the USS Juneau Presentation Silver to the Juneau-Douglas City Museum.  No easy task when working the United States Navy.  
    • She planned and hosted a social for military veterans presenting the USS Juneau Silver.
    • She was host to Captain Eugene Bailey of the USS Juneau (third ship).
    • She planned and hosted a reception for the Legislature and other dignitaries where the USS Juneau Presentation Silver was unveiled and presented.
    • She planned and hosted a reception open to the public to view the USS Juneau Presentation Silver.  
    • She spearheaded planting a tree at the local VFW/American Legion Post.
    • She was chair of the Budget Committee for 2016-2017.
    Committees she worked on and events she helped with:
    • Nominating Committee
    • Joint Sight Committee
    • Litter Pick up (3 events)
    • Helped set up for the Helping Hand Fundraiser
    • Participated in the Recycle for Sight, eyeglass recycle drive
    • Served meals at the Annual Barbecue to benefit the American Diabetes Association
    • Had a social and asked members to bring toys to give to the needy  
    • Rang the Salvation Army Bell
    • Helped at Light Flights, our annual helicopter tour to view Christmas lights
    • Served at the Glory Hole lunch
    • Planned a Remembrance Ceremony for the USS Juneau
    • Helped at Family Farm Day, petting bunnies
    • Approached the City and Borough of Juneau to place flowers at the USS Juneau Memorial site
    • Helped at the first ever Meet and Greet
    • Participated in the Bicycle Safety Rodeo
    • Planted a tree at the VFW/American Legion site
    And THAT'S why she deserved Lion of the Year!  We love you Lion Donna!  Thank you for ALL your service this year!  

    We Serve!
    Lion Nancy Norton

    A Little of This and a Little of That

    As the Lion year is coming to a close, it's a good time to stop and reflect on the year and to thank your members for all their hard work.

    It's a known fact that some Lions have more time to contribute than others.  And that's okay.  But every single Lion needs to be recognized for every little thing they do.  Big or small.

    We had our end-of-year party recently.  It was a combination social, award ceremony, and induction of incoming officers.

    We ate.  Plenty.

    We had a good time.

    We laughed.

    We ate some more.

    Then came the serious part of the evening.... awards and recognition.  Lion Donna presented Lion President Mike Norton with a plaque for his leadership as President from 2013 to 2016 and his service to the community.
    Lion Mike Norton, Lion Donna Hurley

    Lions were then awarded their 100% Attendance pins.  All members of our club qualified between attending meetings and attending events!

    We had several letters (with Chevrons) from International President Yamada recognizing and thanking certain Lions for their years of service:
    Lion Bruce Wing:  50 Year Chevron
    Lion Ted Quinn:  25 Year Chevron
    Donna Hurley:  15 Year Chevron
    Lion Sue Bowman, 15 Year Chevron

    Congratulations to all!  That's a LOT of service!  

    Last, but not least, induction of incoming officers.  We have another great team coming on board!  Great potential to lead, learn, mentor, and work hard.  Our incoming officers are:
    Lion Donna Hurley, President
    Lion Soapy Lingle, Vice President
    Lion Nancy Norton, Secretary
    Lion Bob Hurley, Treasurer
    Lion Becky Allison, Membership Chair
    Lion Tom Dawson, Tailtwister
    Lion Susan Albury, 1 Year Director
    Lion Mukhya Khalsa, 2 Year Director
    Lion Mike Norton, Immediate Past President
    Lions Becky Allison (left), Nancy Norton, Donna Hurley, Tom Dawson, Mukhya Khalsa, Soapy Lingle, Bob Hurley (right)
    Lion Donna Hurley was a little shocked to hear her name after, "Lion of the Year is...."!  Yes, Lion Donna deserved our Club recognition as Lion of the Year!  

    It was a good night, with good friends.

    We Serve!
    Lion Nancy Norton

    Tuesday, June 7, 2016

    Bicycle Safety Rodeo

    Stop, look, and listen.  And whatever you do, don't hit that crazy lady who just stepped in front of you!
    Pounding in stakes for the STOP signs.
    Our annual Bike Safety Rodeo was another successful event with children of all ages coming to participate.
    Setting up our course.
    The course is fairly simple but designed to test a child's confidence, concentration, and ability to stay in the lines.
    A young child learning to ride.
    They get a safety speel or two including what you do when you come upon a STOP sign.

    Inside the Juneau Police and other volunteers are tuning up, repairing, and otherwise making sure all bikes are safe to ride.  If a child didn't have a helmet, they got one.  Shepherd of the Valley Church did an exceptional job with this event that included a bouncy house and other games for the kids as well as hot dogs and chips.
    Police help fixing and repairing.
    Kids love this event and we love helping out Shepherd of the Valley Church!

    This is an Engaging Our Youth program!  #Lions100

    We Serve!
    Lion Nancy Norton