Monday, March 3, 2014

A Celebration of Six Years

One of our members is celebrating six years of Lionism today....  Any guesses?

If you guessed Lion Mike Norton, you'd be correct.  Being a good friend of Lion Mal Linthwaite, it was only a matter of time before Mike was invited to attend a meeting.  Being the good friend he is, he accepted the invitation to attend a meeting.  Then another.  And another.

Lion Mike has enjoyed being a member, participating in activities and committees, but it didn't take long before he got nominated for his first officer position--Lion Tamer for 2009-2010.

The following year, 2010-2011, Lion Mike was elected President.  This was a position he probably wasn't prepared for being a fairly new Lion of a little over two years, but he accepted the nomination, embraced the opportunity to serve Lions and his community, and learned everything he needed to do a good job.  If you ask him, he'll say those first six to nine months were horrible.  

Then, 2011-2012 he was elected to serve a second term as President.  Being more prepared, he gladly accepted.

By now the district is probably realizing they might have a fish on the line!  Here's a Lion who's embracing Lionism; attending conferences, conventions, and forums; attending training wherever he can get it; and have realized they have a leader in the making. Yep, let's make him Zone Chair!  

Lion Mike was then appointed Zone Chair where he has served for two years (2012-13, 2013-14).  As Zone Chair, he oversees four clubs in Southeast Alaska:  The Mendenhall Flying Lions Club, the Juneau Lions Club, the Ketchikan Lions Club, and the Wrangell Lions Club.

Lion Mike has enjoyed his time as Zone Chair immensely and has some regret that his term is coming to an end.   But who knows what the future will bring.

Congratulations on six years, Lion Mike!  We appreciate all that you've done for our club and our community!

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