Friday, March 7, 2014

You've Been a Club President.... What's Next?

Okay, so even if you haven't been a Club President, this webinar provided some great information that one could use not only in their membership in the club but in their personal lives as well.

This was actually a really interesting course.  It walked us through the process that three Lions took to find their purpose as Lions.  

You had Lion Joan.... who, after writing her personal mission statement, decided that diabetes awareness was her passion.  She realized she liked to manage and coordinate activities.  Each step took her closer to realizing she was interested in being on the Diabetes Awareness Committee at the district level.

Lion Anthony went through the same process and his personal mission statement identified his passion:  to help other club presidents achieve their goals.  He values personal relationships and is rewarded by mentoring and teaching.  He chose Zone Chair as his goal.  Lastly, he outlined steps he needed to take to reach that goal.

After Lion John went through the process, he came to the conclusion that he wanted to increase Lionism at the club level.  He wanted to see strong leadership continue and felt the best way he could help his club is through mentoring skills.

This course made me think about our own club and where each of us fit in....  What is your passion? What are your strengths?  Are they being utilized to their fullest or are you just along for the ride?  Do you see yourself in a leadership role?  What about serving at the District level?  Are you taking steps to get to your destination?

Our first step in figuring all this out is to craft our personal mission statement.  Don't worry, LCI will walk us through the process.  During this process of self-discovery, we'll learn what's important, why it's important, and steps we need to take to end out on top.  Click here to start:  Lions Learning Center and click on Leadership.  See you at the top!

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