Wednesday, March 19, 2014

And the Award Goes to.....

The men weren't decked out in their finest tux and the women didn't wear revealing, low cut, no back dresses.... but it was exciting just the same!  I felt like a movie star!  Okay I didn't.... it wasn't that exciting.... and I wore my every day jenes....  But our election did take place.

Please welcome the Board of Directors for 2014-15 for the Juneau Mendenhall Flying Lions Club:

President:  Lion Mike Norton
Vice President:  Lion Nancy Norton
Secretary:  Lion Becky Allison
Treasurer:  Lion Allen Butner
Lion Tamer:  Lion Tommy Dawson
Membership Chair:  Lion Neil Atkinson
2 Year Director:  Lion Steve Byers
1 Year Director:  Lion Joe Molburg
Immediate Past President:  Lion Mike Allison

Congratulations to all!  

For a couple (Lions Steve and Nancy), this is their first officer position and to them I say, "good luck!" Not that they'll need luck, only a passion to do their job and the initiative to look for help when needed. And it is a "job".... as much as we might just want to do activities, officers take care of the administrative side of being a non-profit like keeping track of members, submitting reports, taking care of federal and state requirements, banking and basically ensuring the club runs smoothly.

For Lions Mike N., Becky, and Neil this next year should be a piece of cake since this will be their third year in these positions.  We appreciate that they understand the importance of their contribution to the club and are willing to step up and do what needs to be done. Once again.

Lion Allen is our current Lion Tamer and is looking forward to taking care of all our financial needs.... Aren't you, Lion Allen?!  We look forward to good things.  And Lion Tommy is our current VP.  We think he'll make a great Lion Tamer!  There's just something fun about him!

Last, but not least, is Lion Joe who is always willing to fill in as needed.  We appreciate that about him and his willingness to accept the nomination for 1 Year Director.

Well, I guess Lion Mike A. is last.... as he is our Immediate Past President.

For the rest of our members....  work hard, play hard, pay attention, learn, ask questions, take training, sit on committees, chair committees, speak up, share ideas, get involved.... and you, too, can be a future new officer!

Miss Alex Ausel presided over the election to ensure it was all on the up and up and certified the results.  :)
Miss Alex, Lion Joey and Lion Chad
We Serve!
Lion Nancy

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