Friday, July 26, 2013

Helping Others

True or False: Will you find Lions in Barbados, Cayman Islands, Croatia, Greece, Israel, Kenya, Mongolia, Nepal, Slovakia, Swaziland, and Zambia? 

True.  Lions are everywhere!  There are
  • 1.35 million members....
  • in 46,000 clubs....
  • in over 207 countries in the world! 
Lions are the largest service organization in the world and you are one piece of that pie! We may speak different languages or have different cultures, but we have one thing in common, a core belief that community is what we make it.  We are all dedicated to serving those in need and making our community a better place to live.  And, if the need arises, around the world.

Did you know that when the tornado hit Louisiana recently, Lions were some of the first responders there?  And when the tsunami hit Japan a couple years ago, Lions were there?  We're everywhere we need to be.

Lions don't take the day off; we're always on alert.  To do so might mean we miss an opportunity to help someone whether it be in our home town, our state, or our great country.  We might hear about someone in need through a neighbor or from a news article.  We're spreading the word about recycled glasses, vision screening, and other projects.   And with 1.35 million members, it would be a shame if we missed an opportunity where we could help.  Wouldn't it?

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