Saturday, July 20, 2013

You Can Find Us Here

Times are changing, that's for sure....  As an avid garage saler, I grab the Friday issue of the Juneau Empire and search for Saturday's sales.  But what I've noticed in the last four weeks is there aren't any.  None.  Zip.  Okay, last week there was one or two, but not the usual 15 or 20 that you'd see in year's past.  Why is that? 

Because people have gone "social."  They're using social networks now for all their advertising needs.  If you want to find garage sales, you go to craigslist.  If you want to find a lost dog, you go to the Facebook Lost and Found page.  If you feel like writing your favorite aunt, you send an email.  If you need to look up a recipe for dinner, you go to your I-phone.  The phone book has almost become obsolete and people are using their phones and computer for most things now.  We google or bing every thing we need to know. 

So it only makes sense that we, the Mendenhall Flying Lions, fly on the social network too!  If Joe Brown from Fritz Cove Road wants to contact us, how is he going to do that?  We're not in the phone book.  We don't have a phone number published.  We don't have an office. 

So how are people going to get in touch with us?  Yea, the internet.  So go to google and search for Juneau Mendenhall Flying Lions and see what comes up.  Do you find what you're looking for?  Do you find our web page?  Our blog?  Our facebook page? Hopefully you do!  I do know The Flying Lion blog does not come up directly because our name is different, but a mock page does and you can get there from that page.

All of these "social network" pages are kept current and any person can contact us through one of these sources.  They can learn about our club and our activities.  They can take the time to research our service and our commitment to the community.

And so can you!  Be sure to bookmark the following (click on them to go to the page):

e-Clubhouse (our website
The Flying Lion blog

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