Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Club Leadership

First off, thank you to all members who have agreed to be an officer this next year.  We know everyone is busy, have lives of their own, families, jobs, etc., and now we've just added more responsibility to your already busy lives. 

So now you're the President or Secretary, maybe the Membership Director.  Now what? 

Hopefully by this time you have received a copy of the Officer's Manual and have taken time to read what your new job entails and that of your fellow officers.

Question:  What positions make up the Board of Directors? 

I see minds working.... Board of Directors?  Huh?  Your Club Officers make up the Board of Directors which include the positions of president, 1st vice president, secretary, treasurer, tail twister/lion tamer, 2 year director, 1 year director, membership chair, and immediate past president.  This is your Board of Directors. 

At meetings, when you need a quorum for voting purposes, you need a majority, or more than 50 percent of the officers in attendance in order to take a vote.  In this case at least five of these officers need to be in attendance in order to have a legal vote.

Do you know who your officers are for this year?
  • President:  Lion Mike Allison
  • 1st Vice President:  Lion Tommy Dawson
  • Secretary:  Lion Becky Allison
  • Treasurer:  Lion Joe Molburg
  • Tail Twister/Lion Tamer:  Lion Allen Butner
  • 2 Year Director:  Lion Mike Norton
  • 1 Year Director:  Lion Bob Hurley
  • Membership Chair:  Lion Neil Atkinson
  • Immediate Past President:  Lion Joey Ausel
This is our team.  But just because you might not be an officer this year, doesn't mean you can't be on a committee or chair a committee.  So if the President asks you which committee you want to be on or if you want to chair a committee, don't give it too much thought.  Just say YES! 

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