Monday, July 1, 2013

Trivia: Intro

It's been said that members join the Lions Club for the service activities and aren't interested so much in the details of the organization. 

I tend to agree, to a certain degree.  Let me ask you:  Do you ever feel left out or lost in a conversation between two seasoned members, not totally understanding what they're talking about or what a word might mean or what's involved? 

Or maybe they speak Acronyms.  What the heck does LCIF, DG, PID, CS and all those mean anyway???? 

What do you do in these instances?  Ask for clarification?  Stay confused?  Tell yourself it doesn't concern you anyway?

Imagine working for the State of Alaska, the City and Borough, or some other company and trying to do your job without the tools.  When you start a new job, you're handed an SOP manual, the accounting manual, the personnel manual, the union book, and multiple others.  Your supervisor sits with you for days to train you on your job.  You're signed up for classes that will help not only do YOUR job, but GROW within your area of interest. 

Imagine starting a new job and not getting the training or tools you need to understand what others are talking about, or a description of what your job actually entails, or receiving the information to help you make an intelligent decision within your job or have a conversation among peers.

Would you feel like you belonged?  Would you feel motivated to do a job you didn't understand the dynamics of?  Possibly not.... 

This Lion calendar year, 2013-2014, we will take you on a journey through the Lions organization where you will learn little snippets of information that will help you connect to other members not only in your club but the organization.  I promise to keep it interesting, light, and not too boring! 

LCI feels it's important for all Lions to have a basic understanding of this great organization we're a part of.  Even seasoned members might learn something, or reinforce what they already know.  This knowledge can take members one step closer to becoming the leaders we need.  

Remember, knowledge empowers us!  The more we know, the more we can accomplish! 

One final word...  There WILL be a quiz!  Maybe once a month.... maybe every quarter.  With the winner receiving a, no, wait, that will be a surprise! 

Stay tuned.  The quizzing begins tomorrow! 

Lion Nancy

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