Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter Social

If you were planning a social event, your list might look something like this:

Food:  check
Drinks:   check
Members Invited:  check
Induct New Member:  check
Invite Potential New Members:  check

Yes, these are the key elements to a successful social event!  
Food, music, a little something to drink....
Good friends, new friends.

Lion Neil A. and his wife, Cari, hosted last night's social.  It had everything you needed, PLUS their dog, Maggie!  (Who doesn't love a well-behaved dog?!)

The theme was Mexican and Cari went all out with tacos, homemade salsa, and side dishes.  
Hmmmm, this shouldn't be TOO hot....!
Lion Mike had hair before tasting this hot HOT sauce!
We had several guests that are considering joining our Club.  

This is Nolan and Donna.  Nolan helps out at Light Flights each year so he's had a little taste of what we do.  Donna made her debut at Light Flights this year  and helped with the Safety Check speel.   

Sonny and John were also guests.  We met them AT Light Flights while they were standing in line waiting for their turn and they expressed an interest in learning about our club.  So here they are!  We hope last night was just what they were looking for and we can bring them into the club as well.  

Lion President Mike A., Lions Neil and Marilyn enjoying fellowship and food.

Lion Tommy and guest Sonny getting to know each other.

As with any good party, there was plenty of food!  And the chatter quieted considerably as everyone enjoyed their meal.

Lion Joe, also making friends with guest Sonny.

Well, this just looks like double trouble here.... Lion President Mike A. and new Lion Soapy.

Jill (Lion Soapy's wife) is our unofficial photographer!  Maybe one day she'll become our official photographer!  John, our guest, is getting to know everyone.

Eating, drinking, and visiting wasn't the only thing on our agenda.  It was our night to give new Lion Soapy a hard time....  But by the looks of this, it might be Lion Soapy giving the hard time!  

Eventually the induction took place and Lion Mike presented Lion Soapy with his membership pin.  It was put on upside down and Lion Soapy was told he could turn it right side AFTER he did a good deed for someone.  

So he offered to take the trash out for Cari and of course she took him up his offer!  Our guest, John, offered to take out the trash next month--get a "one up" for when he becomes a member!  

Lion Neil welcomed him aboard, and the rest is now history.

It was a great evening, a fun evening.  We met new friends.  We inducted a new member.  And possibly got four new members out of the evening.  It doesn't get much better than that.

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