Monday, January 27, 2014

Webinar: The Angry Birds

Have you ever played Angry Birds on your i-Phone?  If so, you know that it isn't always so easy to win.  There's strategy, precision, using the right bird for the right job.  And a little luck!

This training session (webinar) was actually quite creative using Angry Birds as its model.  It seemed to be a perfect fit between the game and this leadership lesson.

Let me explain.....

Like the Angry Birds, we were taught to make the most of our birds (Lions).  Not all Angry Birds were a good fit for the task at hand (clobbering the pigs).  The point was, use the talents and skills of each of your members to benefit the club.  A good example was one club had an important fundraiser but they weren't quite sure how to promote it.  One member.... their "quiet" member.... the one that always sits in the back of the room and never speaks.... quietly raised his hand and said, "I can do a webpage."  They had no idea he could do this.  From there they had a successful fundraiser which raised $20,000!  Use the talents of your members!  Take the time to know your members and find out what their talents, experiences, and unique backgrounds are.  You can then utilize them in places that will be most beneficial whether on projects, fundraisers or officer positions.  And, just the opposite is true..... you don't want to put a bricklayer with no financial background as your Treasurer without proper training....  Just saying....  So take the time to find out what makes your members tick, what their hobbies are, what their interests are and see how they best fit in your next endeavor.  Lesson One.

Lesson Two talked about how every bird matters.  Some may need mentoring.  Encourage Lions to explore opportunities beyond the Club level to the District or International level.  Encourage them to attend conventions and forums.  They expressed how important mentoring is....  Don't leave any member behind.  No matter what.

Lesson Three was about re-invigorating members.  Members need to be actively involved.  If you have an inactive member, communicate with them!  Ask them what's holding them back whether it's moving up in the club or moving forward on a project.

Lesson Four:  The importance of leverage.  In other words, don't waste your time on a project that isn't in alignment with your club's objectives or that doesn't contribute to the purpose of the organization.  Ask yourself, "is this the best use of our time and funds?"  Leverage your time and energy towards your goals. It's also okay to drop an activity if it's taking up too much time or not worth the effort.  Leverage.

Lesson Five talked about how the Angry Birds needed precision to topple some of the structures.  Reaching goals don't just happen.  Successful fundraisers or events don't just happen.  You have to MAKE them happen.  You can't just start and hope for the best just like you can't just "launch" the birds.  You have to use precision to make your mark.  You need foresight and intelligent planning for the best results.

Lesson Six was either try again or quit.  It really is THAT simple.  The only alternative to quitting is trying again.  Thomas Edison said, "I have not failed.  I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.  When recapping an event always counter a negative remark with a positive remark.  Always.

Lesson Seven talked about how there is more than one way to succeed.  However, the path to success can vary.... each member is different with different ideas and each club is different.  Trying new ideas can be risky.  As a leader, do you welcome new ideas?  Do you create a non-judgmental environment that accepts good ideas from everyone, even if not in agreement?  Brainstorm with your team...  Plan new projects carefully....  Assign tasks within zone of competency.... and listen to member's ideas!

Lesson Eight talked about the inevitable brick wall.  Yep, we've all hit them!  But sometimes it's from fear of change that is stopping us.  Your team can create a new vision by scouting for solutions, communicating the vision to all, and give everyone a task to reach the goal.

Lesson Nine:  The importance of Squawking.  Yes, squawking.  It's okay to squawk!  Or in the case of Lions, to communicate.  When working on a project, specify the desired results.  Set guidelines (policies, procedures, ethical guidelines in which players need to act within).  We talked about leaders in this section and referenced renown Stephen Covey on how to communicate.  A natural leader has a conviction about him/her and their dreams.  They lead by example.  They push beyond the limit; that's how we grow.

And, finally, Lesson Ten:  New Levels and New Challenges.  When playing the Angry Birds, you had to successfully complete one level before moving on to the next challenge.  Such is life.  Are YOU engaged in opportunities to help you grow?  If not, let me suggest the following:  The Learning Center at LCI; Webinars; Conventions and forums, and this blog!  There are so many opportunities to grow within the Lions organization.  And let me say that attending the on-line Webinars can be a problem for some people who work, BUT, you can always go on-line and listen to the course after the fact as they record all of them.  So what's it going to be?  

As a leader you must model the way....  Find ways to communicate with ALL your members...  Don't second guess your members; they may WANT a new project.  Don't be afraid to fail.  Give silent members permission to speak.  And remember, we're strong because of our diversity!

Now, go play Angry Birds!

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