Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Top Five Reasons for Not Asking

Who knows what District Governor Lewis's motto is?


We're talking about recruiting new members; asking your family and friends to join you.

But it isn't that simple is it?  

Top Five Reasons You Don't Invite Others To Become Lions

#5:  You don't have any friends to ask....  
#4:  You don't have time....
#3:  You decide that your friends wouldn't be interested.....
#2:  You figure someone else has probably already asked them.....
#1:  You worry about being told "no."   

Yes, asking someone to join you in Serving others, is scary....  It doesn't matter if it's a friend, family, co-worker or acquaintance.  What if they say "no"?  What IF they say "no"....  so what?  It isn't going to de-value anything you're doing in the club, is it?  It doesn't mean you made a bad choice.

All it means is they just aren't ready.

Yes, asking is scary.  But so easy!  Just ask!  It's that simple.  Don't pre-judge.... don't decide for them based on your assumption that they wouldn't be interested or have time or that someone else has already asked them or that they're already too busy.  It isn't fair to them, to Juneau, or to the club.  It's possible that they're wondering why you've never asked them to join before! 

And what if someone has previously asked them to join?  That was then and this is now.  Maybe their circumstances have changed.... maybe they now have time to volunteer.  Maybe they didn't care for the other person. Maybe something has happened in their lives that gives them a connection to the Lions.  Maybe they've just realized the value in volunteering. Or maybe they just want to Serve by your side.  

I have found that it's actually easy to ask.  "Would you like some information on our club?"  You're either going to get a "yes" or a "no."  If you get a "no," it won't be the end of the world.  Don't take it personal.  Take them off your list for the time being, but don't be afraid to ask again at some point in the future.  

Next time you're hanging out with your friends, just ask them, "are you interested in learning more about the Lions and what we do?"  And go from there.  

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