Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We Serve!

Many of the newer members might not realize how involved the Mendenhall Flying Lions have been in the community over the past 30 years.  Here's a partial list of some of the activities, projects, and fundraising we've done over the years.   

Planted trees along Yandukan Drive
Helped in Spring Fishing Derby
Salvation Army Bell Ringing
KTOO Telethon Phone Answering
$10K Raffle
Holly Sales
Purchased Wheel Chair for St. Ann's
Youth Fishing Day at Twin Lakes
High School Student Recognition Awards
Mendenhall River Elementary School Reading Program
and Breakfast
Cut Brush from Twin Lakes
Blood Drives
Youth Exchange (4 youth to Japan)
Youth to Mac McCarthy Leadership Camp
Handicapped Ski Program
Del Reeves Concert
Assisted Juneau Lions Club with Gold Medal
Barbecue and Auction for Snowbird Air Show
Airfare for a Member to Obtain a Leaderdog
Purchased a Computer for a Vision-Impaired Sitka Youth
Tour de Cure for American Diabetes Association
Paper Recycling Program
Meals on Wheels
Lions Mints Sales
Vials of Life
Food Bank Drive
Recycled Bicycles
Cooked Meals at Ronald McDonald House
Planted 6 Green Ash Trees at Skate Park
Helped Fund Exercise Equipment for a Women
in Need in Hoonah
Hoonah Food Drive
Most of these projects/activities were done before our time and I'm not certain what they all involved, but it sure gives us an indication of how busy the club has been serving not only our community but that of Southeast. 
This also gives us something to think about in terms of future projects we might want to take on.  It's been said that new members join the club to serve..... to do activities.  They aren't interested in the "political" side of the club, the history, "training," or any of that.  So if that's the case, then we need to make sure we have at least one activity scheduled for every month of the year so when we bring in a new member, we can get them involved right away.    
I went through our calendar for 2013 and this is what I found:
March:  Assist Juneau Club with Gold Medal
April:  Litter Pick up
June:  Garage/Plant Sale
July:  4th of July Concession Stand, Litter Pickup, Food Drive for Food Bank
September:  Community/Volunteer Day, Litter Pick up
October:  White Cane Day, Recycle for Sight Drive, Hoonah Food Drive
November:  Barbeque and Auction, Lions Packs, Assist Food Bank
December:  Night Flights, Bell Ringing

We also did many health fairs and vision screenings throughout the year, but these fairs may be going by the wayside as we start screening children only.  Too, vision screening often takes place during the school hours when many volunteers are at work. 

I guess what I'm suggesting is that we find one or two little activities or projects that we can do every month in addition to what we already have on the calendar.... They don't have to be big or time consuming, just something to get new members involved from the beginning.

We lost a couple projects recently (holly sales and peace poster contest) so we need to at least replace those with something new. 

Here's some thoughts for additional projects: 
  • We have our Bicycle Recycle project that is idle.  We had a few requests for bicycles recently that we had to decline; maybe it's time to get that up and going again. 
  • What about participating in a food drive every quarter?  We could set up a committee to look into the needs; maybe it isn't always the Southeast Food Bank.  It might be Hoonah or the Glory Hole or Angoon.
  • After my sister lost her husband, she was surprised to see a local Lion deliver a Christmas stocking filled with nuts, candy, and some fruit; for the last three years.  How kind and considerate of that club.  How difficult would it be to do something like this? 
  • How about a car wash as a fundraiser?
  • Or helping during elections?
  • We could do Christmas in July for Ronald McDonald House or cook a meal.  We STILL have little Remedy Carte who is a Juneau resident going through radiation treatment there....
  • Who doesn't love pancakes?  We could do a pancake feed at Gold Rush Days or a Veterans Day event or a Memorial Day festivity. 
  • What about having a table at Gold Rush Days just to get our face out there?
We may not do any of these.... but I think if we had a brainstorming session, we could come up with several new ideas.  What do you think?

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