Tuesday, December 17, 2013

District Governor Visits Juneau Club

Neither rain nor sleet nor blizzards will keep the District Governor from visiting Juneau as was apparent by yesterday's visit. 

Lion Mike and myself joined the Juneau Club at their regular monthly meeting and greeted District Governor Lewis. 

He brought with him some good news:
  • 49A was up 51 new members!
  • DMV is taking orders for Lions license plates now.  Only $50.  This would be a great Christmas present for your spouse!
  • There's still openings for the Leadership Academy in January.  Think of it.... two and a half days in warm and sunny North Pole....  He's offering a $400 grant to two people who want to go.  This is open to Lions and non-Lions.  If you're interested in details, contact Zone Chair Lion Mike Norton.
  • There's a new club in Bethel; the Winterhouse Program.  It's not chartered yet but the papers are signed.  I believe this is a house for people who don't have a place to sleep and the Lions run it.  What a great concept. 
  • The district's web page is being revamped and we can expect to see a new, improved website by the end of June.  They've opted to use the e-clubhouse template. 
  • Specialty Clubs are often more about their specialty than "serving."  He's working hard at getting the mindset changed to Lions first, then racing (or whatever the specialty is).  This is a good thing.
It was a good visit.  Maybe he'll visit again soon. 

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