Saturday, December 21, 2013

Night Flights

Twas the eve of Night Flights
  when all through the valley,
  not a person was stalling
    not even my ex-spouse.
The copters were fueled 
  and ready to climb...
All the people showed
ready for a good time.
The men were bundled up.
The women were merry
cause they didn't have to be out in the sub-zero weather....
When what to the wondering eyes should appear,
but Santa arriving on the first flight of the eve.
The children they giggled.
The parents they smiled.
And the rest of the evening
was simply just wild.

Okay, enough of that!  But I have to say, that last night -- Night Flights -- was simply the most fun I've had in a long time!

It started like this:

Keep in mind this was taken at 4:01 p.m.  Our flights didn't start until 4:30.  We arrived at the airport at 3:10 and already had people waiting!  Do you think people look forward to this event every year?!

Lion Donna giving the scoop.

The boys are all bundled up, ready to go.  It's 12 degrees out so you know they've layered!

One more example of "We Serve."  

We had a surprise visitor who arrived on the first helicopter!  Santa!  

The kids were thrilled to see Santa!  He handed out candy canes and ho ho ho'd.

Lion Becky giving the safety speel.  Every precaution was taken to keep our passengers safe.

Part of the crew that works hard to keep everyone safe.  

Getting ready to escort another group out for their ride.

I worked the door with Mary Francis.  We had fun sizing the group up, deciding who would sit up with the pilot.  Course ALL the young boys, and some of the older, wanted to!  One lady was flying by herself and we thought she was nervous.  She goes, "no!  This is on my bucket list!"  
Lions Ted, Tommy, and Allen

I don't know who these kids were, but the one on the right is the birthday boy.  We had great fun with this group and even got the whole airport to sing Happy Birthday to him!  I think we made his birthday night!

Escorting another group out.  

Each copter had a group of 5-6 people.  They left with smiles on their faces and even bigger smiles when they returned!

We connected with old friends.  Made new friends.  

When I showed these pictures of Santa to my granddaughter, her eyes lit up and she was absolutely CERTAIN this is the REAL Santa!  I agree!

People milling about while they wait for their number to be called.  We had 62 or 63 groups, or flights.  Maybe 64.  We'll have all the numbers in a few days.  

None of this evening would have been possible without Coastal Helicopters.  Because of them, some people had the experience of a lifetime.  Some were able to check an item off their Bucket List.  And others faced their fears head on.  And for others, this is an annual event.  

The only complaint we heard was that they didn't want the flight to end!

The sky was clear.  The stars were out.  The Christmas lights turned on.

Did I mention it was 12 degrees?

It's great how so many different people come together to make this a success--non-Lions, friends, a Lion from the Juneau Club, family, not-yet-but-almost-new Lion members.

I believe Night Flights is simply the best event ever.  

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