Sunday, December 22, 2013

We Rang the Bell

A few of us participated in the Salvation Army's "Ringing the Bell" yesterday.  It was fun.  Nothing like Night Flights but I'd do it again.  I think doing it with a partner would be more fun.  You could have more fun.

Lions Mike and Nancy took the first shift.  
I played Christmas music from my i-phone.... but all my music somehow disappeared and I only had two songs to play over and over and over!  There were other songs, but they were more mellow and not as known.  So we listened to Here Comes Santa Clause and Rudolph for 2 hours!  

I think Lion Tommy had the most fun!  He's always in party mode!  And I'm sorry to say I didn't get a picture of Lion Joe but he was on the same shift.  Sorry, Lion Joe

Lions Bob and Donna took the last shift.  Notice Bob's apron says "I am a Lion Bell Ringer."  Their buckets were filled to the rim by the end of the day!  

Way to go, Lions!

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