Friday, October 25, 2013

The Cowardly Lion

If I recall correctly, the Cowardly Lion was, well, cowardly.  A scaredy cat.  Maybe he could have benefited from this seminar I attended at Forum! 

Seminar:  Public Speaking Skills for Everyone (by PID Douglas Alexander)

By the way, what does "PID" stand for in front of Douglas's name?  Past International Director.  Your trivia for the day.  Lions show respect to other Lion leaders by acknowledging their titles. 

Okay, who loves talking in public?  Probably not many of us. Here's some tips that might make it easier:
  1. Research your topic.  Research it, study it, learn it, know it. 
  2. Test equipment and visual aids ahead of time.
  3. Speak from the heart.
  4. Look at the audience, all the audience.
  5. Know the message you want to portray.
  6. Make it fun, make them laugh.
  7. Stay on schedule.
PID Douglas said you will typically lose people after 20 minutes.  In 20 minutes, he quit his speech and opened up the floor to questions.  This made it more interesting than listening to one person talk for an hour.  Great tip! 

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