Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October in Review

All I can say is WOW!  Course, anyone who's ever gotten an email from me knows that I generally never stop with one word!  There's always a short version and a long version, and I generally take the long version route! 

No grass (or is it moss?) even dares think about growing under our feet!  Here's what I know:

Saturday, October 5:  Vision Screening at the HCCMCA Fair.  Lions Joe, Allen, and Mike N. screened 26 with 10 referrals.

Wednesday, October 9:  Vision Screening for Headstart at Glacier Valley School.  Lions Bob H. and Mike N. screened 13 with 3 referrals.  They then went to Taashuken School (at Faith Lutheran Church) and screened 9 with 1 referral. 

Saturday, October 12:  Vision Screening at the Alaska Health Fair.  Lions Allen, Joe, and Tommy assisted with this Fair and screened 20 with 17 referrals!  Lion Joe was also there helping with White Cane Day. 

Lion Allen screened the children at his wife's day care:  He screened 10 with 7 referrals. 

Saturday, October 19:  Recycle for Sight event at the Nugget Mall.  Lions Ted B., Edward H., and Nicole M. from the Juneau Club helped Lion Bruce as Lions Mike and myself were out of town.  We greatly appreciate their help with this one.  This was the committee's first annual eyeglass collection drive!  We collected 155 pair of glasses at the Mall with as many being dropped off at permanent locations around town. 

Lions Mike, Neil, and Nancy attended the Juneau Lions Club regular meetings.  It's always fun, and informative, to attend other club's meetings. 

Wednesday, October 23:  Vision Screening for Headstart's Salmon Creek location where Lion Mike N. screened 6 and referred 2. 

About this time, Lion Nancy started getting her ducks in a row for their new project, Lions Packs, with their first committee meeting held on Friday, the 25th with Lions Donna, Becky, and Mike N.  We also had a rep from Children's Services attend. 

Tuesday, October 29:  Lions Mike N. and Neil screened 94 pre-school children with 6 referrals at a two day event for Glacier Baptist Academy.

Lion Allen has also been working hard putting together a Food Drive to benefit Hoonah which took place this evening from 4:30-7:00.  Boy Scout Troop 247 was the leading force here, although Lion Mike N. helped out with his time and the Juneau Lions Club went shopping on their own.  All in all, this was a VERY successful food drive! 

THEN, to finish off the day, several Lions showed up at the monthly Joint Sight Committee meeting and helped wrap eyeglasses so those going to Mid-Winter could take a box with them.  Thanks to Lions Steve, Ted, and Edward from the Juneau Club and Lions Mike A., Bruce, and Mike N. from our club.  I believe we wrapped about 500 eyeglasses!

Wednesday, October 30:  Vision Screening continued at Glacier Baptist Academy (see above).  Lion Mike N. then hightailed it over to Douglas, Gastineau School, where he finished up the Headstart vision screening where he screened 12 and had 5 referrals. 

We also delivered a letter to the local Moose Lodge asking for their support in donating Tommy Moose stuffed animals for our Lions Packs backpacks.  This idea came from Lion Donna and was a great one!

And not to forget.... our annual Barbeque and Auction!  Lion Neil has been working extremely hard all month to make this one of the best fundraisers yet! 

Halloween....  I believe we're taking the day off, for obvious reasons! 

This is just some of what we've been working on this month.  Like I said, it's what I know....  Course, there's a lot I don't know.... but we can always hope that changes in the future. 

A BIG thanks to all Lions for all their service this month! 

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