Monday, October 7, 2013

I Followed the Yellow Brick Road

I followed the yellow brick road and it took me to the Land of Oz.   

Lion Mike and I attended the USA/Canada Forum last month and I have to say, I already forgot everything I learned!  But lucky for you.... I had notes!  I typed them up today and had so many "ah ha" moments that I just had to share them with you!   

Seminar:  Fundraising (by Duane Malcolm)
There are three phobias that will affect fundraising efforts:
  1. Fear of public speaking
  2. Fear of change
  3. Fear of failure
How to overcome these obstacles:
  1. Find someone who is passionate about the cause.
  2. Take wise risks (you don't want to go in the hole)
The main point I brought home from this class was this:  All fundraisers will eventually run dry.  Always be thinking of the next one.   

Seminar:  Rock Star Membership (by Dayna Steele)
This seminar was a little different.  Dayna interviewed some Past International Directors and this is what I learned from them:
  1. When you do a common thing, in an uncommon way, you demand attention.
  2. Successful people do one thing over and over every single day.
  3. Treat people nicer than they're treating you.
  4. Look at the person when you talk.
  5. Have goals. 
    • A goal is a dream with a deadline
    • Write it down
    • Read it every day
    • I will do, I will be, I will have
  6. Listen and learn
  7. Try to help someone every day to reach their goal
  8. Lions need to care more about others
So there you have it for today.  That wasn't so bad, was it? 

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