Thursday, May 2, 2013

4th Cabinet / MD 49 Convention in Fairbanks

I've been to several great Multiple District Conventions over the years, and this year's was no different. 

It didn't hurt that the Ice Breaker took place at the Antique Car Museum!  It was incredible to see all those period cars -- and all from Alaska! 

As in any cabinet meeting or convention, we had a lot of business to deal with.  The subject of redistricting was heavy on a lot of people's minds and I suspect all were relieved when the Delegates voted to not put it on the ballot. 

As posted a couple days ago, Southeast Alaska won many awards.  Lion Ted Burke, from the Juneau Club, won the highest honor and received the Presidential Medal from LCI.  A much deserved recognition for his involvement in Lions all these years. 

The best part of the trip was hanging out with Lions from my Zone.  Lions who I don't get to see often enough or outside of regular meetings.  We had Lions who attended for their first time.  I wonder if it made an impact on them....  I think they came away feeling rejuvenated and excited for this new phase in the Lion's organization.  One of leadership. 

Brief Convention Recap: 
  1. Nominations were held for Lewis Quinn (District Governor), Cindy Beardsley (1st Vice District Governor), Mike Brown (2nd Vice District Governor), and for Council Chairman Lou Jones.  All were elected to the respective positions.
  2. The Lion Necrology Service:  There were 19 Lions who were honored, two from Ketchikan--Lion John Chappele and Lion Don Haseltine.  These are Lions that passed away this last year.  
  3. 49A Awards: 
  • Membership Growth:  Mountain View Lions
  • President of the Year:  Sherie Viera (Palmer)
  • Club of the Year:  Copper River Basin Lions
  • Secretary of the Year:  Lion Becky Allison
  • Lion of the Year:  Lion Michael Norton
Plus many other awards.

There will be a full cabinet report coming shortly.

Yours in Lionism
Mike N.

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