Saturday, May 25, 2013

Netcast: Inviting, Inducting, and Involving New Members

I attended a Netcast the other day.  Typically these on-line courses are really good.... worth my time.... but all I'm going to say is I hope there weren't any other Lions listening that day! 

District Governor Lisa Alexander from the U.S., was the Panelist but unfortunately she wasn't given an opportunity to speak much. 

Here's a brief recap of what I learned.

Introducing a new member:
  • Get new members involved right away. 
  • Introduce new members to other members.  Don't let them sit alone.
  • Get them on a committee asap.
Inducting and orientating a new member:
  • Show a video at the induction, showing club activities
  • Show the new member a list of all your club committees and ask them which ones they would like to serve on.
  • Blindfold the new member and sponsor and let them experience a few minutes of darkness together.
  • Include in your induction ceremony a little on LCI, a little on Multiple District, and a little on your club.
  • Some clubs have candles lit (the color of Lions organization) to make the induction more memorable. 
Involving new members:
  • Get them involved in activities as soon as possible.
We also learned how a Social Diversity Director in our club could identify needs in our community. 

Many participants shared the importance of taking new members to the meeting and approaching new members as they walk through the door (talk and share).

Brochures worth downloading from LCI:
  Just Ask Me Guide
  New Member Recruiting Guide

Lion Mike N.

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