Monday, April 29, 2013

Lions of the Year!

The Mendenhall Flying Lions take two HUGE awards at this year's Multiple District Convention in Fairbanks!  We are so proud of all Lions who take time out of their busy schedules and lives to volunteer in their community.  But besides the community service activities, projects, and fundraising, there's officer positions.  And these are time consuming. They take up a huge amount of one's time preparing reports, keeping records, research, keeping Club members informed as well as the District Governor and community.  Being a volunter is a lot of work! 

Lion Becky
But Friday night at the Awards Ceremony for MD49A, Lion Becky Allison won Secretary of the Year for the District!  This is huge considering this is Lion Becky's first year as an Officer.  We hope it isn't her last!  When the District Governor was making the announcement, she described "the recipient" as keeping in touch with her, sending her information, reports, and the like and this is important to anyone at the head of an organization.  They need to know that their organization is healthy, working hard, doing what needs to be done, taking care of business.  And Lion Becky did that.  She did all that was asked of her and so much more.  Congratulations, Lion Becky!  A well-deserved award! 
Lions Mike A., Becky A., Mike N.
Lion Mike Norton was, shall we say overwhelmed by his award?  As Zone Chair for Southeast Alaska, he's had his hands full visiting Clubs, keeping members informed of what's happening at the District and International level, and providing support to the clubs as well as the District Governor.  Looking after his Clubs has been a priority for him this past year.  But to be presented with Lion of the Year was not expected!  He tells me he was shaking from the news and if you know this man at all, you know this is out of the ordinary.  But he has worked terribly hard this past year and we're very proud of this award.  Only one other Mendenhall Flying Lion has ever received Lion of the Year at the District level--Lion Mal Linthwaite. 

Lions Becky and Mike have a year to enjoy their trophy and this feeling of floating on air.  Being a Lion isn't about the awards or the recognition.  It's about service to your community, about helping others.... But being recognized for your hard work is also important.  Getting that pat on the back once in awhile is always a good thing.  It makes us want to "do" more. 

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