Thursday, May 23, 2013

Boy Scout Troop 247 Gets National Recognition!

Troop 247 is in the News!  This is the May 2013 issue of Boys Life Magazine where Boy Scout Troop 247 got recognized for their robot.

How it all began:
Our team was made up of 5 boys from Boy Scout Troop 247. Our first goal in participating in the First Lego League (FLL) was to earn our Robotics merit badge.

The theme for FLL this year was Senior Solutions. The game board had different Lego themed scenarios that could help seniors stay active like gardening, bowling, sewing, woodworking. The team chose the missions they wanted to have their robot complete in 2 min 30 seconds. One was to move some Legos to complete a quilt, one was to retrieve a chair and repair it and return it under the table. At the end the robot had to drive up stairs and balance on the top of the bridge and then throw a ball at bowling pins.

The second portion of the competition involved a project where the team chose a problem that seniors are faced with and then developed an innovative solution to then present to the tournament judges. The team interviewed an older gentleman and narrowed down what problem they wanted to solve for their project. They came up with an innovative Senior Memorizer. This device was designed to help seniors remember things, help them plan their day, but also allowed them to be independent. The team put on a skit to demonstrate their idea.

During the last two weeks the team experienced issues with the robot completing missions as they had programmed it to do. Thankfully, they were able to solve the issues in time for the competition.

The team displayed great teamwork. Each scout came up with ideas that enhanced the robot, one scout thought tracks would be best for going up the stairs; one scout figured a way to push some of the stuff by running the robot backwards for half of the missions. One scout figured out a way to retrieve the chair and throw a ball with the same attachment.

Lion Allen Butner
Scout Leader

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