Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vision Screening--Auke Bay Co-op

We broke the ice with pre-schools in town this week and provided vision screening at Auke Bay Co-op Preschool (Chapel by the Lake).  This was achieved through connections with my grandaughter who goes to preschool there.

This was a two-day event because it covered two age groups.  Some kids went Tuesday/Wednesday (ages 3 and 4) and the older kids (ages 4 and 5) went Monday/Wednesday/and Friday.  Lions Neil, Joe, Mal, and myself screened 30 pre-schoolers and referred 3.  Parents of two of the referrals suspected their child's eyes were bad, but hadn't pursued it.  The other referral was so far outside the parameters of the machine that we couldn't get a reading!  Two of the children were scared and wouldn't let us test their eyes.  We even had two "drop ins" (toddlers) who came with the Administrator of the school and one of the parents.

Each child received a smiley face sticker after their screening and we're pleased to announce that the winning colors were pink and purple!

Each day took a little over an hour of screening, which computes to about two minutes per child.  This included the data entry time which went quickly because Ms. Trish gave us the name of the next child as the previous one was sitting so we could enter the data early and be ready to screen when the child sat down.  The Administrator of the pre-school has asked that we return next year.

All in all, this was a great screening event!

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Mike N.

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