Thursday, March 8, 2012

About Us

First I wanted to thank all the Lions that showed up at the Thomas McRae fundraiser last Saturday.  We estimated there to be well over 500 people who showed up to support Staff Sargeant McRae and his family.  It was a good event.

Back to the Mendenhall Flying Lions, we would like to announce that Lions Joe and Marilyn are getting married on the island of Hawaii!  Congratulations to the two of you, and we look forward to having a celebratory drink with you in a few days!

Also, this month, Lion Rosemary celebrated her 19th year of Lionism.  Thank you, Lion Rosemary for all your years of service.  President Mike just celebrated his 4th year as a Lion and, I know is very thankful to Lion Mal for inviting him into the Club.  Lion Linda will also be celebrating three years on the 18th and we certainly appreciate all she does for the Club and community as well.  Thank you, Lions Mike and Linda!

There won't be any updates for three weeks as President Mike is taking this blogger to Hawaii!  We'll be in touch on our return.  Later!  Nancy

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