Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lion Coco and the KanakAttack

While on vacation on Kauai recently, I had the privilege of attending a breakfast meeting of the North Shore Lions Club.  This is an active group of about 43 Lions.  Their main fundraiser is a pancake breakfast with hula dancers!  I think we all need to do one of those!

I met one of their more colorful members--Lion Coco--who is a Native Hawaiian, friendly, and the entertainer of the Club! Lion Coco performs at the Tahiti Nui restaurant and bar in Hanalei (same place Puff the Magic Dragon was filmed) and invited us to join him.

We're walking downtown Hanalei, which consists of about two blocks, trying to find him, when we were directed to what I would describe as a shack... only to wonder if we really DID want to go inside.... A good lesson was learned that night--don't judge a book by its cover!  Not only did we find Lion Coco (and his nephew Darrell), but he found us a seat right up front where we got to enjoy his singing for the next few hours as well as eat the best meal of our trip.  

We'll never forget our visit to the Tahiti Nui restaurant and our new friend in Lion Coco.  And if you get a chance to see the movie, The Descendants.... that would be Lion Coco singing in the bar towards the end of the movie--the one with the white hair!  Check it out!  

Lion Mike N.

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