Sunday, July 31, 2016

PET Mobility Project

Lions Recycle Household Inkjet Printer Cartridges

The Juneau Mendenhall Flying Lions have gone global with serving the needy.  Our latest project collects personal/household inkjet printer cartridges to be recycled.  Not only is this keeping toner cartridges out of the landfill, but funds raised help provide a sturdy, hand-cranked cart for children and adults who lack mobility. 

Personal Energy Transportation (PET) is a global charity addressing the needs of those who are unable to walk due to disability, impairment, or injury.  Through the generous recycling efforts of Empties4Cash, Alaskan Lions and Leos have collected over 16,000 cartridges since 2009, enough cartridges to provide 15 individuals with a mobility cart.  Lions are proud to be a major partner for this humanitarian cause, along with both Protestant and Catholic congregations. 

The PET mobility cart is a sturdy, three-wheeled vehicle propelled by hand-crank or pull handle which can be operated by a man, woman, or child who is mobility impaired.  The PET enables an improved quality of life at work, school, and home.  It allows a father to work again and provide for his family; a child has the opportunity to attend school and receive an education; beneficiaries can go to church and social gatherings.  These mobility carts are distributed on need, at no cost to the recipient. 

Lions have drop boxes at St. Paul’s Church and Shepherd of the Valley Church, at this time, where household toner cartridges can be deposited.  Look for the GREEN BOX!  We are working on other locations as well and will notify everyone when that happens.  We only take HP, Cannon, Lexmark, Dell, and Sharp ink cartridges. 

How can you help?  Deposit your used ink jet cartridges into one of these drop boxes; have a collection drive at your office place, church, or school; ask your family and friends to save their household toner cartridges; mention our community service on Facebook and other social media; or save them until we have a community-wide collection drive in the Fall.  For more options, contact us at  Protecting Our Environment  #Lions100

We Serve!
Lion Nancy Norton

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