Wednesday, July 27, 2016

And We're Off!

Even though it might seem our club is not doing much this time of year, we have several projects we're working on behind the scene:

  1. Gravemarkers for our Veterans.  
  2. Flag boxes to dispose of unserviceable flags. 
  3. BoxTops for Children.
  4. PET Mobility Project.
  5. Fundraiser with Boy Scout Troop 247.
  6. Golden North Salmon Derby.
  7. Eyeglass Recycle.
  8. USS Juneau Memorial Site Flowers.
  9. Vision Screening for Children.
  10. Lions Packs.  
Several of these are new projects with details still being worked out; some projects we're partnering with the VFW/American Legion; and others we're behind the scenes.  

Serving our community is a never ending endeavor.  One we enjoy doing and are continually looking for ways to help even more.  

If you know of any needs in our community that need to be addressed, please contact us at

Thank you!

We Serve
Lion Nancy Norton

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