Tuesday, August 9, 2016

1st Cabinet Meeting Report

The following is the cabinet report submitted for the 1st Cabinet meeting in Big Lake:  

Reporting Period:  May to August 2016

Excused Absence:  Please excuse our Club President and Membership Chair. 

Membership Status:  We currently have 20 members.    One dropped and two members Transferred to the Spenard Lions Club.
Reporting:  District and International reporting is current.  We still have three members with outstanding dues.   Our Club is 100% LCIF Contributing Members as $20 per member has been sent to LCIF. 

Centennial Celebration
Legacy Project (Level 1)
Approached a local nursery to donate an 8’ Crimson King Maple that Lions planted at the VFW/American Legion Post.  Protecting Our Environment. 

Engaging our Youth
Presented a $500 scholarship to a graduate who had previously come to our club as a guest speaker, talking about his journey with Type 1 Diabetes. 
Bicycle Safety Rodeo:  Partnered with Shepherd of the Valley Church with their annual block party and encouraged bicycle safety for the estimated 200 children present.

4th of July Booth:  Served hot coffee and pastries to the participants in the parade staging area.   We received $417 in donations that were given to Boy Scout Troop 247 whom we sponsor.

Sharing the Vision
Joint Sight Conservation Committee:  This committee consists of members from both Juneau Lions Clubs.  Approved five applications for financial assistance for eye exams and glasses for a total of $1,546.50. 

Feeding the Hungry
Fish Fish Fish!  A local cannery in town donated uncollected canned and frozen sport fish to re-distribute to the hungry.  Approximately 1,500 pounds of fish and wild game were distributed to various food pantries and the homeless shelter in town. 

No Garage Garage Sale:  Cleaned our storage unit and sold unwanted items at a club meeting which netted $153 which went towards our Admin and Charities Account. Protecting Our Environment by keeping items out of the landfill.   NEW

Protecting our Environment
Litter Pick Up:  Held our second litter pick up for the year along the road to the Glacier.

PET Project:  Joined Lion Walt Hays’ effort in collecting and recycling inkjet cartridges to assist the PET mobility cart project. 

Recruitment Efforts
Meet and Greet:  Held our first public recruitment effort and although we did talk to a few people, didn’t get any new members.   

Farm Day:  Assisted Swampy Acres at their annual fundraiser to support a local day care. 

USS Juneau Memorial Site Flowers:  Maintained flower pots at the USS Juneau Memorial site to honor fallen sailors. 

BoxTops for Children:  Collecting BoxTop logos to help a local school.  NEW

We Serve!
Funds Raised:  $459
Donations:  $3,996.50
Joint Sight Conservation Committee for Financial Assistance:   $1,546.50
Joint Sight Conservation Committee for Operating Expenses:  $2,000
Shepherd of the Valley Church Food Pantry:  food items
Beep Baseball (49A  Foundation):  $100
Newtok Water Project (49A Foundation):  $100
Extended Summer Program:  $250

District Governor’s Checklist:
Completed To date:
1 new Social Communication:   Have e-Clubhouse, a blog, Facebook
New Project:   PET Project, BoxTops for Children, USS Juneau Flowers, Planted a tree at the VFW Post
3 Members “friend” DG Karen Burns and follow on Facebook: 

Yours in Lionism
President Donna Hurley

Mendenhall Flying Lions Club

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