Saturday, June 27, 2015

Year in Review

As another Lion year comes to a close, it seems a good time to reflect on the past twelve months.

It's true that being a Lion is a commitment of time, time that is precious to each and every one of us.  We all have our personal lives, separate from Lions.  Some of us work, some are retired, some of us are retired but work.  Some have families to raise.  Some have multiple jobs.  Some are involved in multiple volunteer organizations.

My point is, we're all busy.  And now we're asked to do more with Lions.

Every single member in our club is appreciated for their efforts this past year.  Because of each of you, we had a busy and full Lion year.  Take a look:

  • Did two litter pick ups along the glacier road.
  • Provided vision screening at the Back to School Fair and Fall Early Learning Fair
  • Provided vision screening at Raven home school
  • Had a social where we inducted Lions Susan, Mukhya, and Hari Dev
  • Provided vision screening at Auke Bay Co-op and Valley Baptist Academy preschools
  • Provided vision screening at the Alaska Health Fair and HCCMCA
  • Traveled to Wrangell, Gustavus, Angoon, and Petersburg to do vision screening
  • Recycle for Sight Drive where we collected 192 pair of used eyeglasses
  • Shipped 1,872 pair of eyeglasses to the Aurora Borealis Recycle Center
  • Had our annual barbecue fundraiser to benefit the American Diabetes Association and made $3,750
  • Provided vision screening at Juneau Community Charter School and Riverbend Elementary.  
  • Had our Lions Pack community drive where we asked for donations for infants.  
  • Had a food drive to benefit Hoonah.
  • Participated in the Foster Care Gift Giving event.  
  • Had a blast at Light Flights.  This fundraiser brought in $18,000
  • Rang the Salvation Army bell
  • Provided vision screening at the Legislative Health Fair and tried having a booth at the Nugget Mall for two months in a row where we provided screening
  • Provided vision screening at Mendenhall River Elementary and Alaska Health Fair
  • Helped the food bank put away three bus loads of donations that Rotary collected
  • Helped at Gold Medal Basketball Tournament
  • Entertained the District Governor during her visit and the incoming District Governor during his visit
  • Helped out at the Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home Ceremony
  • Provided vision screening at the Spring Early Learning Fair.
  • Partnered with Rotary at Heavy Equipment Day
  • Helped out at Family Farm Day at Swampy Acres
  • Helped clean out Lion Bruce's life treasures and did a dump run
  • Partnered with Shepherd of the Valley Church with Bicycle Safety Rodeo
  • Had a garage sale to benefit our Admin Account.  Made over $1,200.  
A huge "thank you" to each and everyone of you who helped make 2014-2015 a great year of serving not only our community but that of Southeast.  

Yes, it takes a village to take care of our neighbors.  Where there's a need, there's a Lion.  

We Serve!
Lion Nancy Norton

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