Tuesday, June 16, 2015

When an Incoming DG Visits

Living in Southeast Alaska can leave one feeling isolated from the rest of the state at times.

And this is true for Lions.  It's more difficult to build a relationship with members from other local clubs because there might not be any nearby.  Attending new charters, fundraising events, and even regular club meetings is difficult to near impossible.

So we travel to conventions and conferences to be a part of the bigger picture, to meet new Lions, to meet up with old friends, to have a connection.

But when a Lion comes to Juneau to see us, it's always an honor and helps bridge that gap a little.

We had the privilege of entertaining District Governor Elect Lion Mike Brown this last weekend.  TWO WHOLE DAYS worth of picking his brain, hearing his goals for this coming Lion year, laughing, and feeling a part of the bigger picture.  It was great!

While here, the Mendenhall Flying Lions had a social where members could meet Lion Mike Brown and learn, first hand, what his year is going to be like.  We also took advantage of so many members in one place and had our end-of-year social where Lion President Mike gave out awards.   Below is Lion Allen Butner receiving a much deserved award for all his hard work in changing banking institutes.

End of year awards were presented to members.  All Lions received a Centennial pin for their 100% attendance award, Lion Neil Atkinson received a camouflage hat because he's already received every award imaginable, and Lion Nancy received Lion of the Year award for MFLC.

DG Elect Lion Mike also inducted incoming officers.  As you can tell, we all take our roles very seriously!

It was a great evening of fun!  Thanks to Lion Mike Brown for making it special and to all members who took time out of their busy schedules to join us!

During our down time, we did some sight seeing, met up with a couple members from the Juneau Lions Club, and got a better idea of what our next Lion year is going to be like.  Fun!  

Another successful Lion year almost over!

We Serve! 
Lion Nancy Norton

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