Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Induction of 2015-2016 Officers

It seems like just yesterday when I was posting our induction for this year at a social at Lion Neil Atkinson's home.  And, now, here we are again.

District Governor Elect Lion Mike Brown was in town this past weekend to meet members and share his plans for the coming year, and this was a great opportunity to have him induct our incoming officers for 2015-2016.  He agreed!
Left to right, front row:  DG Elect Lion Mike Brown (from Kodiak), Lion Mukhya Khah (incoming Secretary), Lion Nancy Norton (incoming Membership Chair), Lion Donna Hurley (Vice President), Lion Bob Hurley (incoming 2 Year Director).  Back row:  Lion Mike Norton (President), Lion Tom Dawson (Tailtwister), and Lion Allen (Treasurer).  Not shown is our Immediate Past President Lion Mike Allison.

We have a GREAT group of officers for the 2015-2016 year!

We Serve!
Lion Nancy Norton

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