Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why Are We Called Lions?

Do you ever wonder why something is called what it is?  How did we come up with the names that we call things?  Take Lions.  Why are we Lions and not Ducks? How was the name selected out of thousands of possibilities? 

Well, because Melvin Jones was convinced that the lion stood for strength, courage, fidelity, and vital action. 

In 1919 there was a move to change the lion symbol, but a young attorney Halsted Ritter, stated "The name Lions stands not only for fraternity, good fellowship, strength of character and purpose, but above all, its combination of L-I-O-N-S heralds to the country the true meaning of citizenship:  LIBERTY, INTELLIGENCE, OUR NATION'S SAFETY.

Or L-I-O-N-S. 

This is our Slogan:  Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nation's Safety.

The emblem consists of two Lion profiles facing away from each other -- our past and our future -- showing both pride of heritage and confidence in the future.

The lion symbol has been a symbol of Fidelity.  It stands for loyalty to a friend, loyalty to a principle, loyalty to a duty, and loyalty to a trust. 

Always wear your Lions emblem pin proudly. 


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