Tuesday, August 20, 2013

1st Cabinet Meeting

We had our 1st Cabinet meeting of the year this past weekend.  While some members were providing vision screening at the Back to School Fair, I was in Anchorage attending the meeting. 

Here's a recap of what we covered: 
  • The Blood Bank announced a new project which is a $51 million building that will make it so blood won't have to be sent south for testing. For more information go to the Blood Bank of Alaska web site. 
  • The District Governor's motto is, “Just Ask” which appears on his pin and is an emphasis on membership and retention.  I encourage everyone to use the Just Ask booklet and ask that each member sponsor at least one new member this next year. 
  • Next year's International Convention is in Toronto, Canada (2014-15).  In 2015-16, it will be in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Hope to see you all there!
  • Mid-Winter Convention will be held November 8-9 in Anchorage at the Embassy Suites.  I would encourage as many members to attend so we can share with District all the wonderful things our club is doing. 
  • The Global Membership Team (GMT) will be holding an Extension Training Workshop in Anchorage in October.  Anyone interested in increasing membership is welcome to attend. 
  • Leader Dog is looking for donations.  Perhaps our club would consider donating and presenting at the Parade of Checks at Mid-Winter. 
  • The District Governor plans to increase public awareness for Lions around the state with his Public Relations plan. 
  • I've been pushing members to attend the Leadership Academy in January since it was going to be held here in Juneau.  I learned at the cabinet meeting that they've switched locations and it will now take place January 19-21 in Fairbanks.  Members are still invited to attend.  This will be some of the best training you will receive and not only will your Lions life benefit, but your personal and work. 
  • Lions themed license plates will be available for purchase through our local DMV some time in November.  Either go to the DMV office or go on-line to purchase.  This will be great publicity for the Lions.
  • The Aurora Borealis Eyeglass Recycling Center has put together a Cash Calendar with payouts starting in October and going through December.  If you’re interested in purchasing or selling a ticket for ABERC, they cost $20 each and you can contact Lion Scott Leppert at scott.leppert@acslaska.net for information.  This is the North Pole’s website:  http://e-clubhouse.org/sites/northpole/index.php
  • DG Lewis is encouraging clubs to help with the Special Olympics in any way we can.  Contact Nicolle Egan at 1-907-222-7625 extension 629 or 1-888-499-7625 extension 629 or www.specialolympicsalaska.org.
  • The Last Frontier Honor Flights is raising funds to send veterans of WWII back to D.C. to visit the WWII Memorial.  These vets are in their late 80s and 90s and most have not had an opportunity to visit the memorial.  To sponsor one vet will cost $2,000.  They have a one-on-one chaperone.   Information on this project is as follows:
The Last Frontier Honor Flights
PO Box 520116
Big Lake, AK 99652-0116
toll free:  1-877-560-8542
If you have any questions about any of this, please contact me.
Mike Norton
Zone Chair

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