Sunday, August 4, 2013


What do you know about e-Clubhouse....?  Is it:
  1. A clubhouse where men and women gather to talk about Lionism?
  2. An on-line chat board where members can discuss issues of interest?
  3. An on-line web page?
  4. A web page template that is offered by Lions Clubs International for creation of a club web site?
If you answered #4, you'd be correct.

Lions Clubs International offers two different template designs for clubs to choose from as they create their own web page.  LCI offers five features that clubs just fill in the blanks, sort of speak:
  1. Home page where we introduce visitors to our club.
  2. Calendar of club events.
  3. A list of our club projects.
  4. A photo gallery of members serving their community.
  5. The Contact page offers every option for contacting us.
Although these are fixed templates as far as they're a fixed part of our web page, we can add anything we want, make it pretty, make it whatever we want. 

We also have five additional pages available where we can showcase anything we want.  So far we've included:
  1. A listing of club officers
  2. Club news.  Right now we only have links to 49A web page, The Flying Lion, and Facebook, but as we get published in the Empire, links and stories will be added here.
  3. Meet our Members.  This page will showcase individual members, a personal look at who they are.  So far we only have a couple but hopefully others will be willing to share a glimpse of their life when asked. 
It's important that we keep e-Clubhouse current and interesting because if someone is interested in finding us, learning about us, wanting to join our club, this is where they will go.  They'll go to their computer and search for Juneau Lions.  They can't find us in the phone book, we don't have a store front, and we're not listed in the local papers. 

So help keep us visible and interesting to those who don't know us!  Let me know your thoughts on e-Clubhouse:  Ideas for new pages, layout changes (keep in mind I'm limited as to what I can actually do here), fresh ideas.  This is a club web page, it's about all of us.  I appreciate any and all suggestions, comments, and ideas. 

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