Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Art of Recognition Part II: The Gift

So you've given it some thought... you've wondered if you remembered to say "thank you" to that fellow Lion that helped you immensely with a problem or really chipped in on that recent project.... Now what? 

Here's some ways you can informally recognize someone:
  • Take them out for a cup of coffee, lunch, or for pie and ice cream.
  • Reward them with a ballpoint pen with Lions logo from LCI.
  • Go to LCI Supplies and order some small items to keep on hand for special occasions.
  • If you know your person likes coffee, give a coffee card.
  • Similarly, if you know they like sweets, take them a plate of homemade cookies.   
  • Recognize someone with a book on their favorite subject and personalize with a handwritten note.
  • Recognize a budding leader with a flashlight as a symbol of leading or showing the way to others.  
As you can see, recognizing others is really very simple.  It doesn't take much effort but can mean a lot to the person receiving the gift.  And if this is still too much effort, a simple "thank you" will often suffice.  But be specific in what you're thanking them for; don't generalize. 

Now that you're getting the hang of recognizing others, don't forget birthdays and years of service in the Club.  These dates also deserve some kind of recognition--a plate of cookies or a vegetable plate if they don't eat sweets. Again, know the person you're acknowledging. 

If you prefer something on the lighter side, here's a fun idea.  Create a "pass along" award.  It can be anything you want--a small trophy, a stuffed animal, a humorous item that has special meaning to your club or committee.  Award it to the person you want to recognize and encourage them to pass it along to another Lion at the next meeting.  This also gets everyone into the frame of mind of recognizing those little things that Lions do every day.

Maybe giving out awards isn't your style... so leave it up to the recipient to pick the reward they want.  Find a box to use as a Treasure Chest and take it to your meetings.  Fill it with a variety of items like caps, coffee mugs, movie tickets, coffee cards, or fun things.  When a Lion deserves a kudo, let them reach into the chest and pick out what they want.

Don't forget those who are "constant performers" and those who have served many years.  Most likely they have all the plaques they need, so think outside the box and be creative in your gift to them.  

Being creative is always a good thing.  LCI has a lot of good ideas, but they may not work for everyone.  Neither does giving the same award over and over.  What might work for someone, may not work for the next person.  Know your subject.

And, remember, when you're personally telling someone "thank you," know what you're thanking them for!  Be specific about what you noticed, don't generalize. 

Good luck!  Have fun!  And remember to memorialize the moment with a camera! 

(Excerpts taken from The Art of Recognition by Lions Club International)

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