Saturday, June 22, 2013

End of Year Social and Installation of New Officers

The Mendenhall Flying Lions is getting ready to say goodbye to their 2012-2013 Lions' year and hello to a new year.  This has been a great year with record fundraising efforts in the barbeque and auction and Night Flights.  Unprecedented amounts were raised.  But it's time to pass the baton and see what the new team has to offer. 

Tonight was the Club's end-of-year party.  Lions Chad and Joey hosted the event while the rest of us just showed up, relaxed, and visited.  What a deal! 

It was also a night of inducting the new officers. Lion Allen is the new Tail Twister.  You can tell by his demeanor that he's going to take his job seriously and bring some fun and order to this group!

Lion Mike is a 2 Year Director.  I'm not certain what that means.... Neil.... but I'll figure it out by the next time we meet.  ;) 

Next Lion Neil inducted himself as Membership Director!  Silly man. In this position he will assist in bringing qualified members into the club. 

Lion Joe is the new Treasurer.  He's taken the training and is biting at the bit to get going!  Aren't ya, Joe?

This is Lion Becky's second year as Secretary.  Her list of duties is the longest! She did a bang up job last year and won the Secretary of the Year award for District 49!!  She's going to be a hard act to follow.... 

Next up was Lion Mike A.  Or Mr. President.  I don't know if he has any idea what he's gotten himself into.... but he'll figure it out soon enough and will be a great President.

Not all the new officers were in attendance.  Lion Bob H. will be the 1 Year Director and Lion Tommy the 1st Vice President. 
Thanks to all who agreed to serve for the 2013-2014 Lion year!  I predict a good year for the Mendenhall Flying Lions!  

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