Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Juneau Club Inducts New Officers

Yesterday was a big day for the Juneau Club.  Induction of new officers... recognition of members.... as well as being the last meeting for the summer. 

Lion President Steve did a fantastic job recognizing members who have shown dedication, determination, and compassion over the last couple years.  He admitted he hasn't been very good about recognizing his members, but did a bang up job yesterday.  Everyone had to leave the meeting pumped up and ready to do more!

Life membership to the 49A Foundation was presented to several Lions:  Geny, Edward, Louise, and a few others that weren't in attendance.  Lion Janet received a Progressive Membership award at the Silver level. 

It was Lion Alyce Houston's birthday... last meeting... AND retirement party.... She received a nice trophy with a goldpanner on it.  Everyone had a good laugh that she would be taking a man with her to Prescott, Arizona, where she will make her new home.  She was also presented with a certificate at the Gold Level in 49A Foundation. She also  received an award for her years of dedicated service. 

And the recognition continued. 

Lion Rebecca received the book, Gumboot Determination, selected not for the content of the book, I don't think, but that she has that insatiable determination to learn and do and be the special Lion she is.

Lion Nicole is a new member and probably the youngest.  She received an award for most inspirational.  She came on board running, helping, and doing wherever and whenever needed. 

Lion Louise received Lion of the Year for obvious reasons.  She has been President Steve's right hand gal and a true Lion as 2nd Vice President.

Lion Edward received the President's Award and Lion Ted received a prestigious plaque for his dedication and commitment to Lions everywhere. 

Last but not least, Lion Mike, Zone Chair, received a Gold Medal medallion for his dedication and work as Zone Chair.

The Club then presented Lion Steve with a Melvin Jones fellowship for his outstanding leadership.  And Zone Chair Mike also presented Lion Steve B. and Lion Ted B. with a nice pen with the Lion's logo on it for all the help and mentoring he has received from them throughout the year. 

Lion Alyce talked about a special senior man she met through Gold Medal and how she has become his friend and visits him frequently at Wildflower Court (or was it Fireweed Place?), taking him to Gold Medal games and other places.  She challenged the Club to not let this man fall through the cracks.  He told her one day that it was "the best day ever!" and she asked the Club to not make this the only "best day ever" this man experiences.  Lion Nicole said she has already visited with this man and will continue to take him chicken nuggets! 

It was a fun and eventful meeting and I probably left some awards and recognition out.  For that I apologize.  However, Lion Alyce's story about the gentleman and his comment, "Best Day Ever" sticks with me for many reasons.... how many seniors in our town are forgotten?  Who don't have any family? Spend holidays alone?  They put in their time and now what?  How much effort does it REALLY take to "make someone's day"?  I may not be a Lion yet, but I, too, would like to challenge other Clubs to find a senior they can befriend and take them into their hearts and family.


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