Thursday, October 13, 2016

Vision Screening Is What We Do!

As all Lions know, vision screening for children and young adults is our priority.  If you aren't a Lion, you may not know this.  But around the world, this is what Lions do.

We aren't medical professionals but use a state-of-the-art PlusOptix vision screener that can capture some common eye problems in children.

The Juneau Mendenhall Flying Lions reaches out to the Juneau-Douglas School District, concentrating on elementary and middle schools as well as home schools and non-district preschools.  We also travel to most communities in Southeast Alaska to screen children.

So far this year (since September 20), we have screened the following schools:

Auke Bay Elementary:  screened 107 with 7 referrals
Juneau Co-op:  screened 37 with 1 referral
Riverbend Elementary:  screened 260 with 54 referrals
Valley Baptist Academy:  screened 79 with 7 referrals
Haines Schools:  screened 137 with 9 referrals
Faith Community Christian Church:  screened 53 with 14 referrals
Wrangell Schools:  screened 73 with 17 referrals
Juneau Community Charter School:  screened 79 with 14 referrals

The computer will either "pass" the child or it will come back "refer."  If a child is referred, we recommend that they make an appointment with their eye care professional for a thorough exam as the computer found some irregularities with their vision.

Thanks to Lions Soapy, Donna, Bob, Hari Dev, Tommy, and Mike for all your dedication to the children!

We Serve!
Lion Nancy Norton
Sharing the Vision, #Lions100

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