Saturday, October 22, 2016

Recycle for Sight -- Eyeglass Collection

Seventeen boxes..... two thousand two hundred and fifty four.... Eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, and cases that is.  That's what the Aurora Borealis Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center in North Pole, Alaska, will be receiving in the next few days.

The two Juneau Lions Clubs collect eyeglasses as a joint effort.  All eyecare centers in Juneau have a collection box and every year in October, we have a Recycle for Sight collection drive.  This effort is a year's worth of collecting.
Lions Mike Norton, Ted Quinn, Soapy Lingle
Once they are received at the North Pole recycle center, Lions and other volunteers will clean them, fix them, label their prescription, and file away until needed.  Every year this recycle center redistributed approximately 30,000 eyeglasses to needy people around the world.  Sharing the Vision.  #Lions100

We Serve!
Lion Nancy Norton

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  1. Awesome!!! 30,000 eyeglasses to needy people around the world