Monday, June 13, 2016

MFLC Lion of the Year!

One of the hardest jobs of the President of our club is to recognize one person over another.  Our Club is filled with good Lions!  Members who give as much as they have to give!  And when you take all those efforts and tally them up, a lot has been accomplished.
But this year, when all the tallies were tallied and the results added up, one Lion stood out above the others.  This is not to diminish all the hard work other Lions gave to our club, unconditionally, tired, and worn out.  But there can only be one Lion of the Year.  

I think we took Lion Donna Hurley by surprise when Lion President Mike Norton announced, "and the Lion of the year is..... Lion Donna!"   
But it was justly deserved.  Lion Donna didn't work hard this year. She worked extra hard.  She gave it her all.  And then some.
On the chance that you're wondering what a Lion needs to do to qualify for Lion of the Year, here's just some of her contribution:
  • Held the Vice President position and ran two or three meetings in the President's absence.
  • She chaired a lunch at the Glory Hole, a place where the homeless and hungry can eat.
  • She brought back the USS Juneau Presentation Silver to the Juneau-Douglas City Museum.  No easy task when working the United States Navy.  
  • She planned and hosted a social for military veterans presenting the USS Juneau Silver.
  • She was host to Captain Eugene Bailey of the USS Juneau (third ship).
  • She planned and hosted a reception for the Legislature and other dignitaries where the USS Juneau Presentation Silver was unveiled and presented.
  • She planned and hosted a reception open to the public to view the USS Juneau Presentation Silver.  
  • She spearheaded planting a tree at the local VFW/American Legion Post.
  • She was chair of the Budget Committee for 2016-2017.
Committees she worked on and events she helped with:
  • Nominating Committee
  • Joint Sight Committee
  • Litter Pick up (3 events)
  • Helped set up for the Helping Hand Fundraiser
  • Participated in the Recycle for Sight, eyeglass recycle drive
  • Served meals at the Annual Barbecue to benefit the American Diabetes Association
  • Had a social and asked members to bring toys to give to the needy  
  • Rang the Salvation Army Bell
  • Helped at Light Flights, our annual helicopter tour to view Christmas lights
  • Served at the Glory Hole lunch
  • Planned a Remembrance Ceremony for the USS Juneau
  • Helped at Family Farm Day, petting bunnies
  • Approached the City and Borough of Juneau to place flowers at the USS Juneau Memorial site
  • Helped at the first ever Meet and Greet
  • Participated in the Bicycle Safety Rodeo
  • Planted a tree at the VFW/American Legion site
And THAT'S why she deserved Lion of the Year!  We love you Lion Donna!  Thank you for ALL your service this year!  

We Serve!
Lion Nancy Norton

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